Alexander Lukashenko once again proved that the presidential elections in Belarus – a one-sided game. No one is allowed to become a viable opponent to the incumbent President, it will be followed by Kara. But the arrest of Victor Babariko, brought together in their support about half a million signatures, evidence about another fact. Never before has the Belarusian authorities did not allow himself to be taken off the competitor even before its registration.

Opposition candidates in Belarus have always defamed, pressured them, prevented from doing election work, but were planted after the election. Now the opponent has removed the “coming.” This was just before the 2001 election, when the old Man was not yet fully confident in his abilities.

Then, on the eve of the second election Lukashenko after his fabulous victory in 1994, Batko dangerous situation has emerged. After the dissolution of the Supreme Council, rewrite the Constitution with the prolongation of the presidential term, a large part of the existing Belarusian political elite turned against the newly-born “usurper.”

Call Lukashenko was ready to throw his former colleagues – the former head of the Central electoral Commission Viktor Gonchar, ex-interior Minister Yuriy Zakharchenko, ex-Deputy of the Supreme Council Gennady Karpenko. They were all getting ready to compete with the old man if not “popular election” of 1999, which was planned in terms of the former Constitution, then certainly in 2001, the exact. But in 1999, they all disappeared from the political arena of Belarus.

Yuri Zakharchenko and Viktor Gonchar disappeared, and the secret of their getting lost was not disclosed to this day. Gennady Karpenko suddenly died at the age of 49 from a brain haemorrhage in the restaurant. His relatives still do not believe in natural causes of death.

nevertheless, two years later, the opponents to Lukashenka were found, though not as charismatic, but has a lot of support. And on election night the people dumped on the area. In 2001, Belarus could well become the country with the first post-Soviet “color revolution”. But…intervened Islamic terrorists destroyed new York twin towers. Shaken American nightmare, the world was distracted from the presidential election in Belarus, and the old Man quickly dispersed the protesters. By the way, while his support among the people was quite big, so that he could do without it.

the 2005 Elections were held for Lukashenko, like clockwork. Although the opposition has traditionally rallied, breaking camp. And popular candidate is found. And it was not the opposition Milinkevich and the former rector of the Belarusian state University Alyaksandr Kazulin. Charismatic rector had authority in the camp of young people, and was dangerous. So he put a spoke in the wheel during the entire and��election campaign, arranging provocations. And immediately after the elections was arrested and accused in the riots. Finally, he spent three and a half years. The President has not released it even for the funeral of his wife Irina, who died from cancer in February of 2008 year.

In the 2010 elections, the opposition ran against Lukashenko whole group of candidates. These were the years when Dad felt most confident. So they were all registered. And the most ambitious in the history of Belarus post-election rallies, which were attended, according to some, up to 100 thousand people, ruthlessly dispersed. For the “fright night”, arranged by the Belarusian authorities, the protesters and candidates had to pay: he was arrested more than 600 people, including 7 presidential candidates. Four of them, Andrei Sannikov, Dmitry Us, Mikalai Statkevich, Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu received a prison sentence.

After 2010 active opposition in the country left. Who went abroad, who quieted down, putting an end to political activities. And election of 2015 was held in a quiet, homely atmosphere. Before the election is not made, only the head of the United civil party Anatoly Lebedko, and Communist Sergei Kalyakin. Others have received their units of interest for them without any punitive consequences. It has even been said that Lukashenko has changed. Became more loyal and democratic.

But all that loyalty was in tatters when it was revealed that the President had a real competition. At the beginning of the current election campaign, Lukashenko allowed himself only very rude, but condescending remarks about opponents. From the height of his position, he humiliated them, as the venerable teacher of the Soviet school inadvertently “wool” students. But, when almost all his opponents pretty well, scored 100 thousand signatures, and Victor Babariko swung to a half-million support, the old Man decided that the joke was over. It’s time to show who’s boss. Because for 26 years of reign no one was able to convince Lukashenka that destroy opponents is not good, there is no guarantee that dad will now stop and release candidate Babariko. On the contrary, in his example, he will show the way “zealous” what will happen to them.

But really, there is a caveat. Before Lukashenka, not really thinking, put candidates backed by the support of the West. The title of “Europe’s last dictator” and ongoing Western sanctions are not too frightened, because his Russian fed. Now, Lukashenko determined to bring down a candidate whom the promoters called “agent of the Kremlin.” So this time the old Man intends to enlist the support of Europe, complaining about her meddling in the election from Russia. He might be able to convince the West that the way it is.

the Thesis of “Russian intervention” is now in Vogue, and you can justify anything. In fact, Russian politicians and oligarchs are unlikely to intervene in the situation in Belarus. Case “Belaruskali” and detained in Belarus the General Director of “Uralkali” Vladislav Baumgertner shows that the Russian authorities don’t really want to aggravate relations with Lukashenko, preferring compromises the hard collision. Than the constantly and uses it to their advantage. Another thing that will be after Lukashenka will win the “elegant victory” in the elections. The West to contain the Lukashenka regime will not, and Russian politics, though not evil, but they have a good memory.