the head of state said on 30 April the meeting on the receipt and use of aid from abroad, his press-service. “We are ready to provide various kinds of tax benefits and preferences. But the funds must reach a specific recipient, and not to dissolve on the way” – warned the President.

unfortunately, he said, while a third of the proceeds of a direct social orientation has not. As an example, he said that part of the money goes to strengthening the material-technical base of individual organizations, the payment of their General expenses.

In this connection, Lukashenko said that already instructed to work out proposals to improve the procedure with the grant financial flows. Work on possible adjustments were conducted under the guidance of the business Manager, the head of the presidential administration and Chairman of the state control Committee. And the appointment of the Director of the Department for humanitarian activities of set goals in this direction, said the head of Belarus.

“the Result of this work was a new draft decree. Some of its rules significantly change the current arrangements registration assistance. Therefore the proposals require a thorough evaluation and discussion,” the President said, making it clear that participants would like to know how optimal is the mechanism of decision-making on registration assistance and exempt them from taxation and negotiation purposes.

At the number marked was President and the question of how effective control over the flow and use of aid, you do not need to introduce additional measures to prevent its misuse.