President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with workers of the Minsk automobile plant (MAZ) has said that the government “will resist” if people will take to the streets, but I will answer if people will “ache”. He urged “not to think the iPhone-the phone and your brain.” Earlier, addressing the workers of the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT), Mr Lukashenko said he was ready to leave the presidency only after the adoption of the new Constitution.In Belarus since the elections on 9 August do not stop the protests disagree with their conclusions. In the first days of clashes with law enforcement officers. Was detained about 7 thousand demonstrators. According to official figures, affected more than 600 people, two died.”You tell everyone that no one would not be persuaded. All. Came the line that if you cross — the Lord is with you. If you dumped in the streets, we will endure. If you go to ache — answer. Here’s the men’s conversation,” said Mr. Lukashenko during the meeting with the employees of MAZ (quoted by BelTA). According to the head of the state, you need to make calm and informed decisions that will be aimed at stabilizing the situation.Mr. Lukashenko earlier today, 17 August, addressed the staff of the MWTP. He told them that 150-200 striking “the clout”. He also said that he did not intend to hold repeated elections. “The Constitution of a new need. I have my powers under the Constitution will pass. But not under pressure and not across the street… of Course, I’ll go. Or a year or two. But not this Constitution, to give is not clear to whom. Because it will be trouble,” said Alexander Lukashenko (quoted by TASS).Yesterday, the President spoke to his supporters in Minsk. At a rally in his support, according to official data, came to 65 thousand people. On the same day was held a rally against the results of voting. Her in the capital left more than 200 thousand demonstrators.Read more about the two shares on August 16 — in the material “Kommersant” “the losing winner”.