President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko addressed the participants of the meeting in Minsk, which is in support of it. He thanked the audience. The head of state said that Belarus will die as a state, if they agreed to hold a new election. According to the calculations of the President, to the square in support of it reached 50 thousand people. TASS, “RIA Novosti” and Reuters has estimated the number of shares in thousands. “Thank you for coming. Thank you for a quarter of a century bear of a man from the province,— said Mr. Lukashenka at the beginning of the performance. I am not a supporter of the streets and squares, but, alas, it’s not my fault that I had to summon you to the area.””I stand before you on my knees for the first time. You deserve it,”— said the head of state. While on his knees he did not get up. Mr. Lukashenko said that does not hold fast to the power and what gave the best years of my homeland: “Ruin me — this will be the beginning of your end.”The President of Belarus said that on the border, “there is a military buildup”. “Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and, unfortunately, native Ukraine, ordering us to hold new elections,” he said. “We were offered Lantsov from Vilnius to Kiev, we must not become sanitary zone between East and West, we should not be a latrine for Europe . We offer soldier of the NATO — black, yellow and blond. This will not happen,”— said Mr. Lukashenko.According to the President, re-elections will not be. He believes that they took place and that “can not be more than 80% of the fraud.” Today, August 16, held rallies in support of Mr. Lukashenko and against the results of the election, which he won. Stock disagree with the results of the vote held on election day on 9 August.Read more about shares 16 August, read the online broadcast “Kommersant”.