multi-Faceted talent, and professionalism, the message reads 80-year-old hero of Alexander Lukashenko, let Maestro become one of the outstanding composers of our time. “The ability to find a path to the listener’s heart was the basis for the creation of music that have become classics of Russian and world art”, – emphasized in the welcome address of the President, quoted July 20, his press service.

the Head of state wished David Tukhmanov good health, success, happiness and prosperity. “Let your work continue to give the audience a joy and inspiration to contribute to the strengthening of cultural ties between the peoples of Belarus and Russia”, – said Lukashenko.

Like most gifted children, the world of musical dreams woke up at the future Maestro at four years of age when he presented to the mother of his first independent piece of music – “lezginka”.

But the excitement that is to the song’s genre woke up from Tukhmanov later, in the Gnessin Institute, where he wrote his first pop hit, “Last train”. However, only turn five years old in 1966, this song was performed by Vladimir Makarov, opening the way Tukhmanov on TV.

Complicating the arrangements of the songs, reminiscent of his biographers, David Tukhmanov has actively collaborated with the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Veselye rebyata”, “Samotsvety”, “leisya, pesnya”.

And in the field of chamber music he wrote cycles of ballads and romances “Square window”, “Dream of Sebastian”, poem for violin and orchestra “o Holy night”, a musical-poetic program “tango dreams by Boris Poplavsky”.

the Huge popularity from Nakhodka to Brest and his CD “On the wave of my memory” recorded 45 years ago to the poems of classical poets. By the way, in 1975, appeared the immortal “Victory Day” on poems by Vladimir Kharitonov. And although the song was first met with suspicion, it was Lev Leshchenko, performing it on the traditional concert by Day of militia, gave her a second birth, making musical masterpiece a hymn to the great Victory.

Many artists today believe Tukhmanov as their godfather. He admonished world music singers Valery Leontiev and Alexander Barykin, Nikolay Noskov, Jaak Joala and Lyudmila Senchina.

for a quarter century, the composer gives up his soul and children’s music projects, creating a repertoire for ensembles, choirs, and theatrical shows. He has written the anthem for the children animation festival “gold fish”, and in collaboration with Yuri Antinym born song cycles “Golden hill”, “Byaki-beeches”, “hopscotch”.

it Should be recalled that for the big contribution to development of musical art and many years of creative activity David Tukhmanov this year was awarded the State winner�� Of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in humanitarian activities.