In the millennial Polotsk on the banks of the Western Dvina and held a meeting on development of housing and communal services of the country, which remind local sources, the President announced a week ago, appointing a new government.

the Ministry of housing and communal services was headed by Andrey Hops, the appointment of which reminded the Belarusian leader, even heard of the proposal to abolish the Ministry. “I think this is impossible to do: with a flood of questions from the population for housing and communal services”, – strongly he said, pointing out that the quality of services still raises a significant number of complaints.

of all the complaints received last year in the President’s administration, nearly 20 percent concerned the poor performance of the industry. The population is not satisfied, in particular, the quality of capital and current repairs, improvement of human settlements.

But the quality and accessibility of services in the President’s opinion, “directly affects the mood in society. Therefore, to a large extent forms the socio-political situation and the level of confidence in the current government”. He noted that on the eve of elections of the President of the country, which, as you know, is scheduled for August 9, his every statement is examined under a magnifying glass: opponents looking for pitfalls. “Any pitfalls. We just need to deal with the very important issue of concern to our people”, – explained his position the leader of the Republic of Belarus.

by the Way, he gave a Commission to analyze how to improve the functioning of the service 115 for cases on housing, recognizing that to her there are still too many claims. This service, says the President, must be in the structure of the regional government, which receives complaints from the public. “We scored room 115 – the dispatcher answered, recorded the complaint, gave the contractor, and the service is controlled, as in carrying out the order. A good system, but complaints a lot”, and she, in the figurative expression of the speaker, should work “as first aid”.

Another action-Packed theme of the meeting observers have called the problem of the collection and processing of household waste. The head of state insists that in the next 2-3 years this problem has been solved, although not exclude that “will have the height to take by storm.” First, he clarified the task, “it is profitable, and secondly, we are strengthening the environment, purify the country.” In addition, there are new “jobs, and raw materials for industry.” With a reproach in a voice the President has noticed that rich Switzerland with 80-90% recycle certain types of waste: “And we have 50 percent to go can’t.”

he Drew attention to the need to simplify the conditions for the acquisition of land outside the big cities for Belarusians. In the country, stated its Director, a lot of nice places where you can buy small plots for conducting household Affairs, leaving the city with his family. Their value is especially increased in the current difficult epidemiological situation.

Responded, among other things, Lukashenko and appeared in the media information that on the eve of his visit to Polotsk in here quickly engaged in city improvement, BelTA informs. “There are the originals that survive, I had to sweep the streets, paint the benches.” He with a smile assured that everything done will remain for the local residents. “I saw a clean and tidy town, with his take”. All is left, said the President, addressing, in particular, and to his opponents.