Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, speaking about the detained in Minsk Russians, said that the Republic allegedly planned to transfer a group of several hundred people.

“I understand that this is only the first group of 180 or 200 people, which was planned to be transported to Belarus. And then, when I say this (I read the report), it is accurate today. And the attempt there to hide the “tail” in Russia and is almost with us, they agreed upon the arrival of this group, this is nonsense”, – quotes the head of state, BelTA.

Lukashenka said the detained Russians soldiers

Lukashenko said, whatever the events in Belarus were not conducted with the participation of the Russian military, former or current, of the agencies of the two countries always cooperate.

“we Have permission only the President may give to the arrival of the troops, to visit Belarus. With equipment, without equipment, airplanes, helicopters and so on… No permission no one gave. Moreover, we are serious suspicions the goals that the group had planned,” he added.

Lukashenka also urged the Ukrainian security forces to act carefully in case of Russian citizens.

On Thursday, the Russian Ambassador in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev has informed that the basis for the arrival of Russians in Belarus has a contract with a company registered in the Republic. Each of them has the relevant employment contract. He noted that the Russians were going to fly from Minsk to Istanbul in order to “ensure security of energy infrastructure and resources.”

The investigative Committee of Belarus called tickets in Istanbul trying to prepare an alibi.

Moscow insists on the release of the Russians.