Art, Literature, and More than one million copies sold, all the parts are high in the best-seller list, and one sixth of that in the pre-sale will be five thousand times as it was ordered, that no boekenreekshield reading in Flanders and the Netherlands, once so massively under the spell of ‘The seven sisters’. Lucinda Riley is best-selling author to call it that, has already walked to take her career on a bumpy trail.

Co-workers, partners, neighbors, mothers, grandmothers, daughters or grand-daughters: for every woman who has even a little bit, likes to read, sit, today, with her nose in one of Lucinda Rileys, “The seven sisters”. Part six is in the shop, a part of the seven breaks it may have to do this year, a new record. Of the country to the United States of america fly, adventures of the sister of D’Aplièse out of the door.

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the series of books, literary and not, as many imagine, the millions of fans of the globally worst-being. This is a magical entertainment in the form of a book, that you’re not alone, together with the beautiful heroines in the world of travel, then you have some that you take. The Greek myths, for example, in the construction of the famous statue of christ in Rio de Janeiro, in the bohemian Paris of the 20s or the depioniersvrouwen in the Australian outback.

the Strong vrouwenverhalen mix it with a big piece of history is the creation of Lucinda Riley (53), self-geschiedenisnerd, a former actress, and, thanks to The ‘seven sisters’ is now the world’s most popular author. The publishers the winds, there will be no bones about it: Riley has almost single-handedly, the book fair, which has been saved because it was in the past few years, a bite. “With this mix of adventure, history,romance, and strong women not to be resisted,” says the Flemish persvrouw, Caroline, He is of Xander, and the Amsterdam publisher, who are the Sisters in the us as well as abroad.

‘Because I could not afford to pay for a word processing program, to get my first book out of a tap, I had to be forced to have my wedding dress to sell’, he told Riley once in the Daily Mail.

Hardly get along,

ever Since the huge success it is Lucinda Riley is a real business, with second spouse, Stephen, as well as her manager, step-daughter, Olivia, as a personal assistant, and homes in the poepchique Chelsea, London, North Norfolk, her home country, Ireland, and France. But, had the former actress is only just beginning to make ends meet. When they were in the 90’s, yet, Lucinda Edmonds, was called, and the cost needed to earn money for her acting husband and two young children, she wrote eight novels. Engaging vrouwensprookjes was full of intrigue and a forbidden passion are, in some cases, a fantasyrandje. “Because I could not afford to pay for a word processing program, to get my first book out of a tap, I had to be forced to have my wedding dress to sell,” said Riley, one of British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Riley was easy to be a publisher, and the boerde is a period of time, for her eighth novel with great success. Reason: ‘Seeing Double’posited that the British royal family are sometimes look-alikes for public appearances, something that is neither British readers, nor the service were able to have a laugh. There is a separation, and a lot of rejections from publishers and, later, ended her career in a serious mood.

To them by a rich business man, Stephen Riley, and her very own prince on a white horse, was through a personal ad in the newspaper. In 2010, during a visit to Thailand, “she said, ” The orchid garden”, about two families and the “deep hidden secrets that made them connect. The start of a glorious come-back with ‘The seven sisters’ as a temporary climax.