The popular series The Office has been seen by millions the world over, and in 2013 slutttede it all so with season nine.

Seven years have thus elapsed since the cameras for the u.s. version of the series off, but now it turns out, in fact, that it would have been quite different in the last season.

For, though John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, who in the series plays Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, in the course of the years became one of the serieelskernes absolute favoritpar, so it was actually intended that they should go apart in the ninth and final season.

It is revealed in The book ‘The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s’ by the author Andy Greene. It writes the media Complex.

Here is described how the scriptwriter and the creator of the u.s. version of the series, Greg Daniels, who, among others, also have Seinfeld and The Simpsons on the cv, got the idea to split the popular couple at.

In the show’s last season gets the first seed also sown at just the idea, since the relationship is being tested, after Jim takes a job in Philadelphia, while Pam is struggling to care for the children.

in Fact, was the actor behind the character of Jim, John Krasinski, even fond of the idea.

Screenwriter Brent Forrester tells even how it was supposed, that it all had to be played out.

Jim and Pam having to walk from each other midway in the season, after which they are only in the very last paragraph should get together again.

“Greg (Daniels, ed.) would really like to do something extremely risky by letting it happen in the series and see what effect it had on the characters,” explains Brent Forrester.

It was also Greg Daniels himself, who would ultimately take the decision, but writer Warren Lieberstein informed him that the idea was not liked by the rest of the author team.

the Point was not to create the ultimate drama, but ‘just’ to give the viewers a concern in the series, so it would not be too boring.

Nevertheless, ended up it not to happen.

“We had to pull the plug, because it was so painful for fans of the series,” says Brent Forrester, and continues:

“John Krasinski (the character Jim, ed.) said to me: ‘Brent, the last season is for the most dedicated fans of the series. It is the only thing that really still looks, isn’t it? It is for them. To split Jim and Pam ad is too hard for them to hold out completely until the reunification.”

The Office is based on the English Ricky Gervais series of the same name.