Information about this appeared on the Internet portal The authors cite the American analyst Dave Magmura. Should make a clarification. Overseas expert really tried to analyze the capabilities of the two fighters and find out who wins in the still hypothetical dogfight. However, he remembered the training matches of the Indian and British military pilots, who had indeed taken place. Only here the Indians were flying on su-35 and su-30MKI. But they beat the Brits in the dry.

Since su-35 is a deep and very qualitative modernization of the su-30, then this machine should definitely outperform the Eurofighter Typhoon. Dave Magar, paying tribute to the new Russian fighter, not so categorical. In the end, it almost equalizes the power of the two fighters.

In principle, this is true. Winning is not so much the level of technology, but also the professionalism of the pilot. However, the su-35 has a number of advantages. The active thrust vectoring, this fighter is the most maneuverable among the same mass of heavy machines. The Russian fighter large missile and bomb load: Eurofighter carries six and a half tons, and su-35 – about nine tonnes of bombs and missiles. Target detection range of the Russian fighter – 400 km, whereas the European sees 300 km.

Military experts of all countries periodically organize virtual fighting between the various samples of military equipment – air, land and sea. And this regularity. If these games are before making the next military budget or to lobby for the interests of certain companies, it is always the “enemy” is stronger. The rising tide: how so! we are weaker! money come, money come! If you managed to break some kind of order and the troops are receiving, for example, new aircraft, new virtual games bring its unequivocal victory.

However, our egos can’t flatter that the NATO countries consider the latest MiG-35 and su-35 as excellent, in the literal sense of the word. And it shows – Russian military-technical thought remains high.

it is Worth remembering, old, but still revealing a story.

Now in military terminology, firmly established the term “network-centric warfare”. It implies that all military units located in the combat zone, United in a single network and controlled from a single center, responsive to the slightest changes in the combat situation. And this guarantees victory.

Few people, even among military experts, knows that the first network-centric was implemented not in NATO and Warsaw Pact armies at the end of its existence. In the late 1980s and entered service with the automated system command and control “Maneuver”. After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact one of the systems with all of its records were captured by the Americans. And they were amazed how far behind in the ideology of the military administration. Equipment “Maneuver” was very cumbersome. And that was her only drawback.

NATO held a tabletop game using the capabilities of “Maneuver”. Simulated war armies of the North Atlantic bloc and the Warsaw Pact, if it happened. It turned out that without the use of nuclear weapons, operational command and control using “Maneuver” ensured the complete defeat of the forces of the West just a few days.

So not all virtual games, if they are conducted fairly and efficiently, given only the expected advertising results. We will remind, as long as they win the MiG-35 and su-35.