TV host of the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” Marichka Padalko, who lost a front tooth during a news live, described the incident. Emotions she shared in Instagram account.

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Publish from Marche Padalko (@marichkapadalko) 15 Jul 2020 at 8:00 PDT

She said that she was not the whole tooth, and part of which was recently installed by the dentist. According to Padalko, this part of the tooth she lost more than ten years ago, when her daughter accidentally struck her with a metal alarm.

“Now finally decided on a more radical repair. Just was not very attentive to ban your dentist to take a bite the food front teeth to the end of treatment. In fact, so something happened, what happened,” — said the presenter.

Padalko was poironizirovat over the incident and said the attentiveness of the audience, who drew attention to this episode.

“the New "glory" came from not waiting. And support too. This is probably the most curious experience of over twenty years of experience leading. Live is beautiful, it is always unpredictable,” she said.

July 15, the video went viral in social networks. In the comments to the video many users have praised for leading her composure and expressed her sympathy.