jubilee international summer school of Russian language and folklore Tradition in Palanga gathered more than hundred participants from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Germany and Estonia. All classes teachers is carried out only in the Russian language, the press service of the Fund “Russian world”.

Fascinated by the language of Pushkin, the participants set the stage for the famous Lithuanian resort, will be able to learn about the folklore, to touch the beauty of ancient Russian traditions.

Today the school has become a platform to discuss new ideas and to exchange experiences. In addition to visitors from these countries to study in online was joined by Russian, Georgian, French technicians.

According to the organizers of the Irene and Nicholas zakharovykh, sessions include workshops, quizzes and other formats for better language learning. These meetings bring together both adults and children. Charm school is the fact that the teachers are its graduates, which is promising for development because there is a transfer of traditions from one generation to another.

The “Tradition” attracts and teachers. They communicate with their colleagues, friends, absorb new knowledge. According to experts, children brought up in the traditions of his people, will never break away from their roots, will respect the native language, their culture and other cultures.

Guests from different countries attend master classes on Russian folk singing, and folk theatre. They try to dance, will study folk games. Masters of their craft will teach you to produce fragments of folk costumes.

the Russian also will not be bored: they planned the seminar “Methods of working with children and youth folk groups” and round table “ways of preserving and promoting Russian language and folk traditions in a foreign environment.”