there are statements by a Judicial officer, the insolvent sausage manufacturers have sold, according to the investigations may also be expired products. There were the Remarks of a public official, the administrative court has jurisdiction. When will the judge decide this was not the first. (Reference 5L397/20.KS)

the Second process runs the company faces serious allegations, compared to

in addition, a further investigation in terms of Wilke: The company stands up against the by the County of Waldeck-Frankenberg, arranged in the combustion of a coolant in the operation. The ammonia was destroyed in the decommissioning of Wilke. The company wants to leave according to VG to check whether the arrangement was illegal, the costs for the disposal of non-wear (reference 7 K 2832/19.KS). On Friday the administrative court of Kassel was still assumed that no further proceedings had in the case of Wilke pending.

at the beginning of October the North had been closed Hessian sausage manufacturer Wilke of authorities. In his sausages Were Listeria have been detected. The germs may be living with a weakened immune system dangerous. 37 cases of illness, including three deaths, are associated with Wilke-in connection. The Prosecutor’s office in Kassel determined against the managing Director, the Deputy managing Director and head of production, among other things, negligent homicide, bodily injury and commercial fraud. The nerves are blank: attack on camera man at “attention control” PCP, The nerves are blank: attack on camera man at “attention control”