the Audience of children’s parks of Moscow regularly participate in professional competitions, taking first place. Last month especially distinguished students of Technopark “Altair”, which is based at MIREA — Russian technological University. In April, they won. Students participated in urban competitions in remote format.

According to her, the most talented students of children’s parks sign of pending labor contracts. They already concluded about 400. Able students are invited to work such companies as Rosatom, Rostelecom and Russian Railways.

So that students could complete a previously initiated projects at home and submit them to competitions, “Altair” was one of the first translated educational process in chemistry and Biomedicine. The projects in the field of chemical and biomedical technology has brought the authors of many victories.

11 graduates children’s Park “Altair” became winners and prize-winners of the Moscow city competition of research and project works. This is the qualifying stage of scientific and technological educational programmes”, which takes place in the center of “Sirius”.

Another 11 titles of the winners brought the students participating in the urban scientific-practical conference success was achieved 18 students. Almost 15 percent of the total number of winners.

among the best projects of the conference included 120 works made on the basis of “Altair”. In the finals was more than 430 alumni of the children’s Technopark. They won about 40 percent of the prizes. The event was attended by over two thousand people.

Also, students became winners and prize-winners for “Biotechnology” and “Information technology”. The competition is part of the list of Olympiads for schoolchildren approved by the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation. It gives the opportunity to get 100 points on a particular subject for admission to the University.

Participation in the conference also allows students to obtain admission to higher educational institutions. Some students will offer to conclude the contract on target training with partners children’s Technopark.

At the Olympic games the guys have chosen a case study devoted to the selection. For the past six months Taisiya Rudakova worked in the industrial Park over the composition and technology of producing effervescent tablets with blueberry extract.

“One of the key objectives of children’s parks is to assist students in preparing their projects, which they can then submit to the relevant competitions. Graduates of the “Altair” in fact, confirmed that they had received quality training: they became winners and prize-winners of many design conferences and competitions,” — said heads�� Of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexey Fursin.

Children’s Park “Altair” earned on the basis of the Russian University of technology in September 2019. During this time it trained free.

Now the classes are transferred to a remote format, but they usually are in modern University laboratories. Students more than is available in such areas as electronics, information technology, biomedical and chemical engineering.

What professionals will be trained in child Technopark “Altair”

On the basis of Technopark students work on their projects. Among the developments — unmanned aerial vehicles and prototypes of industrial robots and smart house systems, radios, mobile apps and websites. Many projects are developed jointly with the industrial partners of the University.

In the children’s Technopark “Altair” have been trained students, more than 40 partner schools MIREA. Become a student of the programme can be anyone, it is enough to leave the application on the website of the University.

Three new children’s Technopark will open in the city in 2020 gogolbordello and modern equipment in the capital opened a new children’s technology Park

Today in the capital there are 18 children’s parks. In April success has also made students children’s Technopark. 18 people became winners and awardees of the WorldSkills competitions, Junior ‘speedy’, the Moscow city competition of research and project works of the conference, “engineers of the future” and other projects.