Cassius of leg Marcil green/Brian Austin green

About three younger sons, 47-year-old Brian Austin green and 34-year-old Megan Fox, recently announced the separation after 10 years of marriage, heard of by many. In the press regularly discusses girls ‘ clothes that are worn by toddlers, and their long hair, and the Internet community never fails to find new reasons to condemn a stellar parent for the bright appearance of their young heirs. Thus the eldest son of Greene and his colleagues on the series “Beverly hills 90210” Vanessa Marcil, 18-year-old Cassius, not much is known. Recently SPLETNIK.RU stumbled across the page a young man on instagram, and wondered at his courage, the free world views, responsiveness and kindness. We could not pass up and decided to acquaint you with the interview and to tell about his childhood, relationships with parents and “second mom” Megan Fox, a beloved boyfriend, and plans of a young man for the future.


the Parents of Cassius, Brian Austin green and Vanessa Marcil, met on the set of the cult TV series of the late 1990s “Beverly hills 90210” — grin played him as a handsome man, David silver, and Vanessa played the role of Gina Kincaid. The actors met in 1999, and in mid-2001, announced their engagement.

Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin green

Shortly after that, Vanessa became pregnant, and in March 2002 was born the first-born pair, who was named Cassius of leg. Its bright appearance, dark hair, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, big brown eyes and dark skin tone boy owes its roots. In his veins from his mother’s side flows Mexican, French, Italian and Portuguese blood, and my father’s side is Scottish, Irish and Hungarian roots. Before the wedding, the green and Marcil it never came: a year after the birth of a son the couple gave a crack, and in 2003, they decided to part ways after three years together.

Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin green’s son Cassius

the Breakup was given Brian not easy, but for the sake of the son of the actor and his ex-girlfriend tried to maintain good relations. The boy regularly visited his father and spent a lot of time with him, and Vanessa had not prevented the communication of the interview with Brian.

Vanessa Marcil with son Cassius

the First time after a difficult breakup, Brian didn’t even think about a new relationship, but already in 2004 in the movie “Queen of the screen” was found with Megan Fox, which at that time was only 18 years old. Megan immediately fell head over heels in Brian, and he did not take the young girl seriously.

But Megan persisted and proved her lover that they are ready for children and a strong family. Later, Brian remembered that it�� Fox helped him to regain a part of yourself and increase self-esteem after breaking up with Marcel.

Brian Austin green and his son Cassius

“Second mother” Megan Fox

Megan Fox is not embarrassed “baggage” Brian Austin green’s ex-lover and a young son. The actress, on the contrary, immediately tried to build a touching and trusting relationships with Cassius and him to become not only a good friend but also a “second mother”. The boy spent with his father and his new girlfriend a very long time: they always took the baby with them for walks and travelling to different countries. Often Megan and Kassius out in cafes, shopping or on business alone, without Brian.

according to the archival pictures of the paparazzi, at that moment, Cassius and his “second mother” was absolutely happy. She’s the only Cassius could tell their little secrets, which could not share with their parents.

Megan copes with parental responsibilities. Perhaps it is the inherent nature. She loves my son, Cassius. We started Dating when she was 18 years old, and she immediately took his education under his control. It’s just incredible, — recalled Brian about the relationship of Megan and Cassius in one of his archived interviews.

Brian Austin green and his son Cassius

by the Way, looking at the relationship Megan with his son Cassius, Brian finally realized that his beloved really serious relationship and ready for children, and decided to make her an offer of marriage.

Later, Kassius attended the wedding of Megan and Brian, which was held in 2010 on the island of Maui. At the ceremony the baby was assigned an individual responsible role the page — he brought the ring to the newlyweds and the whole ceremony stood on the left hand of his father.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green’s son Cassius

Brian Austin green and his son Cassius

relationship Problems parents

If the relationship of Cassius with stepmother only become stronger and more confidential, between mother and baby Vanessa Marcil and his father Brian Austin green, in contrast, grow in power. In 2006, Brian and Megan actually filed in court to get sole custody of Cassius, but in the end lost the case. Many years after this Marcel said in his instagram, fought for Cassius:

for eight years I was trying to protect herself and her child in court, as his father and stepmother wanted to get full custody (that means I would see my son four days a month) and then they asked me to pay them alimony in the amount of 200 thousand dollars. But they lost the case. The judge called them frivolous. br>
we Have always had joint custody of the child, as I never asked for the full.

Vanessa Marcil with son Cassius

In 2018, Vanessa Marcil also said that soon after Megan and Brian lost the custody case, they completely stopped communicating with Cassius. A boy who over the years my heart has become attached to his beloved father and his younger brothers (married Brian and Megan were born three sons), very hurt and offended by this attitude. br>Cass never saw his younger brother and he’s not allowed to know where his father, stepmother and three younger brothers. He was heart-broken, as it was literally cut out of their lives without any explanations — shared experiences son Marcel in the same post on my instagram.

Cassius of leg Marcil green in childhood
By the way, shortly after, Vanessa spoke about these issues publicly, Brian Austin green still have a good relationship with Cassius. The boy began to visit with my father and even accompanied him to the filming of the continuation of the series “Beverly hills 902010”. br>
Now, after breaking up with Megan Fox, Brian generally tends to spend more time with all your children. For example, your recent birthday the actor celebrated exclusively in the company of four sons, Cassius and three younger heirs born in marriage with Fox.

Brian Austin green and his son Cassius

In a purely male company, they swam in the pool a country house of the green, was grilling and all together blew out the candles on a large birthday cake. Later, Brian shared on his instagram a family photo with his four sons, in caption to which the other, who was described as a holiday in a family circle:

good day.

Cassius of leg Marcil green younger brothers and boyfriend

Personal life

Cassius openly gay, as explicitly reported in the description of your profile in instagram. Not hides the eldest son of Brian Austin green and the person of his choice — he meets with a young man named Ian ward.

Cassius of leg Marcil green with boyfriend Ian ward

Cassius regularly post on the social network cute photos with her boyfriend, where they hug, kiss and look very happy. Ian and Cassius, along with at least 2019 — at least, that’s when the instagram of the young man began to appear photos with her lover. Cassius speaks openly about her feelings for boyfriend and post the pictures calls him “my love.”

the Father of Cassius, Brian Austin green, not only takes his choice, but with the joy of communicating with elected��the IR of his eldest son. For example, at a recent party on the occasion of the birthday of Cassius Greene took with him and Ian is at the family photo.

the Mother of Cassius, Vanessa Marcil also support the son. She does not hide that he was proud of the courage of the boy and his inner freedom, by which he does not consider it necessary to remain silent about his homosexuality.

I’m sure that Cassius is not the first gay in our family, but he’s definitely the first person who’s really free. He is very kind and fights for the rights of others. The world is in the hands of this generation. I always listened to Cassius and I will continue to do so. The world is changing for the better when young people take the reins in your hands

— once wrote to Vanessa about his son in his instagram.

Cassius of leg Marcil green mom Vanessa Marcil and boyfriend Ian ward

Cassius not only boldly declares its orientation, but is not afraid to be bright and noticeable. The young man likes to experiment with hair and often dyes her dark hair in different colors. So, over the past year, Cassius has managed to get blond and dye your hair a deep blue color.

Blogging and the dreams of the stage

this year Cassius graduated from high school, but it is a joyful and long-awaited for him and many other alumni, the event was marred by the pandemic coronavirus. Due to the introduction in the U.S. and many other countries of the world to quarantine the high school students had to pass exams and to finish school in a remote format. Cassius was also deprived of the traditional ceremony of awarding diplomas was not able to try on the gown and mortarboard and participate in a theatrical production in honor of the ball on the occasion of graduation.

the Young man was very hard to accept this fact, and the main thing — to accept the abolition of the representation to which he is responsible had been preparing for several years of study at school that his mother Vanessa openly shared in his instagram.

Cassius decided to celebrate his graduation in a different way: the young man decided to help all those people who in this difficult for all of mankind the time was much heavier than him.

Cassius started to collect donations from friends and acquaintances, which are then sent to the aid of doctors and nurses, workers in the sphere of public catering and other people who needed it.

All those who know my son understand how much he suffered for the last 13 years in silence. A few years ago, he began to share with all of you his way of fighting. However, he did not complain, and was just trying to become free and to help others do the same. Today Cass has received official notification that repr��letter, to which he had been preparing for the past eight years, was cancelled. This will never happen in his life. He also can’t graduate in gown and mortarboard. br>
Despite the pain, he didn’t lower his head and continued rehearsal to prove to his outstanding teacher and mentor, who always continued to believe in him that he is worth something. However, in this difficult time, he’s just thankful we’re all alive and healthy. Over the last 5 years he had a lot of losses: the death of his grandfather, best friend, his godmother. So 20 minutes later after Cassius found out that his prom and a view to which he has been preparing all his childhood, was canceled, he went to collect donations from our wonderful friends. So he wanted to help medical workers and other people who need it. br>
It is our behavior in hard times reveals our true character. But who is my son. I am very sorry for him, but I’m incredibly proud of him,
told Vanessa about his son on instagram.

Cassius of leg Marcil green mom Vanessa Marcil

Cassius do from the earliest years drawn to the creativity, so it was very difficult to accept the fact of cancellation of the show, in which he had invested so much time and effort. The boy never missed a single school setting and with great joy went on stage.

Until Cassius finally decided with your future profession, however, it will likely follow in the footsteps of their parents. The interest of the boy to the acting profession is bolstered by the fact that in his childhood he regularly visited on the sets of major projects and still likes to watch how his father works in the frame.

in Parallel, Cassius is fond of blogging. In 2018 a young man leads his YouTube channel, and the description of your profile in instagram proudly calls himself a “influenzinum”. On the channel of the son of green and Marcil mainly gameplays of various PC games as well as vlogs about his daily life. However, about 9 months of the content on the channel of Cassius was not updated.

Perhaps the young man decided to drop his feed and decided to become a YouTube star, deciding to focus on the future of the acting profession. And maybe, just decided to accumulate all my strength to make a Grand entrance on the fashion of today’s youth platform TikTok, which while Cassius has no account.

whatever it was, SPLETNIK.RU I am convinced that the world will hear the name of this good guy with open Outlook on life and great creative potential!

Vanessa Marcil with son Cassius

Cassius of leg Marcil green with boyfriend Ian ward