Over the years the company has managed to build a completely new system, upgrade post offices and introduce a large number of digital services. To change their opinion in regard to the Mail of Russia had even to skeptics.

“just a few years in front of everyone “Mail of Russia” has become a very promising ecosystem that unites millions of users and thousands of enterprises of small and medium business across the country at its modern high-tech platform,” says Igor Lisinenko, member of General Council of “Business Russia”.

Updated the website and mobile app have become convenient tools for the customers. The app allows you to track the parcel recorded in the office, to issue various postal services and to receive electronic notification.

At the beginning of 2020 in the system, it registered over 10 million users, the monthly audience of the application was 5.5 million users, the number of hits the portal has reached 100 million per month. And on the iOS platform and Android mobile application of Mail of Russia has a very high rating of 4.7 and 4.8 points, respectively.

In the preparation of the annual report for the year 2019, the company first considered separately revenues generated via digital channels. The sales volume is almost 3 times higher in 2018 and amounted to 21 billion roubles, about 10% of all sales of Mail of Russia.

“Mail of Russia is in the process of digital transformation from a traditional postal operator into a first-class postal and logistics company, – the company says. The results indicate that the Post of Russia on the right track.

For legal entities, the company launched the service “private legal entity”. The service helps to recalculate shipment, create a shipment with a bar code to track the parcel. In 2019, the service was used by more than 69 thousand corporate clients email. Per month using the service departs around 8 million letters and parcels in the amount of 1.1 billion rubles.

“a Personal account of the clients is configured to complete digital work in all rates of mail, including international. It already has a very important integration with the Federal customs service, in particular the process of declaring,” notes Lisinenko.

Previously, legal entities themselves made out the customs documents or hire special brokers. Now mail itself draws up customs documents, if the sender in advance the issue on a special platform.

This is an additional simplification of export procedures, which is especially important for Internet-trade. In the coming years e-Commerce will continue to grow. According to Data Insight, in 2019, the number of online orders in Russia increased by 41% (compared to 2018) to 425 million orders, and by 2023, the analysts PR��geziret sharp increase in the market by 16%. Mail of Russia is ready to accept the challenge, especially now that the vast majority of parcels from abroad are delivered through it.

the Company continues to develop and introduce new technologies and options for their customers and in other areas. In 2020 the geography of receipt of electronic notices, hundreds of post offices equipped with “electronic turn”, are increasingly popular push notification to confirm mailing and many other facilities now available to mail clients.

Over the last decade the number of Internet users in Russia at the age of 16 increased from 25 to 75%. Increasingly become habitual online activity, including banking. The company are well aware that the traditional services of postal industry replaced by electronic formats. E-mail, instant messengers, SMS – all this comes to replace paper letters. But the ability to adapt to new trends and create modern high-tech services allow Russian Post to keep the bar high. That is why one of the main goals of the company identified in the development strategy until 2030 to develop advanced multifunctional public company.