Only tape nine entertaining stories dedicated to the prominent artists of this period: Kazimir Malevich, Marc Chagall, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Vasily Kandinsky, Mikhail Larionov, Aristarchus Lentulov, Vladimir Tatlin, Ilya Mashkov and Alexander Rodchenko.

Zelfira Tregulova and Konstantin Khabensky will introduce such famous paintings as “bathing of a red horse” Petrov-Vodkin “Wedding” Chagall, “Moscow” Lentulov, “Portrait of Eugenia Ivanovna Kirkcaldy” brush Mashkov.

Marc Chagall was born in Vitebsk. He invited Kazimir Malevich to his hometown to teach. Holidays in Vitebsk like transformed local artists from Malevich created the UNOVIS Association (founders of new art) were decorated with drawings trams, shops, coffee shops, libraries, facades of buildings and even a podium for speakers. Worked in the style of Suprematism, when artists moved on to the simple forms, and instead of landscapes and portraits was depicted as colored circles and squares. Univesty experimented with posters and billboards.

In 1920 offended Chagall left Vitebsk: “Once, when I once again went to get school bread, paint and money, my teacher raised a rebellion, which dragged and students. Forgive them Lord!”

Kazimir Malevich few years continued alone to create in Vitebsk, until he too went to Petrograd in 1922.

during the Great Patriotic war Vitebsk was almost completely destroyed by the Germans. The old school building preserved in individual parts, according to drawings and old photographs it was reconstructed and opened it in 2018 multimedia Museum. By the way, during the “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk-2020” there was a draw for participants.

– I am happy that the theme of the new series of the project “the Tretyakov gallery with…” became a Russian avant-garde, which for many is still a kind of Terra Incognita, – said Zelfira Tregulova. – The public is difficult to tune in to the right wave not to perceive this art as a reflection of reality, and realize that it has a whole new world, new world – Outlook of the twentieth century. It was very interesting to work with Khabensky. Our dialogue was constructed as a conversation between two people with different points of view. Constantine asked questions, expressed disagreement, and I talked about how I and my colleagues perceived Russian avant-garde.


In December 2018, the Director General of the Tretyakov gallery the Zelfira Tregulova was awarded the order of Francysk Skaryna. The ceremony took place in Moscow at the Embassy of Belarus in Russia. In accordance with the presidential decree, the high award Zelfira Tregulova awarded for special merits and significant progress in strengthening and the development of Belarusian-Russian cultural ties.

Presenting the award, Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko noted that Zelfira Tregulova has initiated a series of joint projects with Belarus in the cultural sphere.