Our prisons are over-crowded. The Central supervisory board proposes, therefore, that in this coronatijden “all prisoners who are able to be released.” Inmates who are not a danger, more to do, or who are in pre-trial detention, but only under very strict conditions.

The number of prisoners in our country hovers permanently at around 10 000 or more. That is some urgent need to go down. “Anyone who has been released and can be also effectively free. This measure is necessary because of the risks to health of the corona virus brings with it.” That said, the Central supervisory authority for the Prison system as well as an independent body to control prisons.

The situation in the prison to be more difficult, according to the Central supervisory board. “In overcrowded facilities, with a lack of hygiene, it is not possible to obtain adequate prevention, and the chain is to take. In view of the risks to health and security crisis there is an urgent need for the number of inmates has drastically reduced.”

for The supervisory board demand that the prison population be reduced to “up to the capacity of each facility”. In particular, it considered the three measures are: it is free under the terms and conditions of the people in pre-trial detention, the delay in the execution of prison sentences and the release of all the prisoners, “who might be released”.

It’s not one of Marc Dutroux or of the Ronald Doe, but for the little people to their sentence or who are not a danger to the community.

The current initiative to set up the gevangenisverloven to renew it, it is not a realistic solution given. The Central supervisory board takes the view that this will only lead to a break in the sentence, so the problem is only shifted.

Furthermore, it recommends to the supervisory board for a whole range of other measures, for the men in the prison. It could be phone calls, free of charge, should be, as long as there is not possible, and that would be all of the inmates and the staff members have sufficient access to hygiene products and water, so that the preventive measures they can follow.

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the belgian Minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V) has an understanding of the reaction of the Central supervisory board,” he said. A volmachtsbesluit that this past weekend has been issued a requirement that prisoners with six months left to strafeinde in order to be eligible for an early release, subject to the conditions, sounds like it’s in the cabinet. This decision shall enter into force upon its publication in the official Gazette.

also took the Man’s previously, though, the decision to make a visit in jail suspended, except for essential services, and for inmates for extra credit to pass. In addition, there is a prolonged the penitentiary leave of absence for prisoners who commits suicide is already a good start and representation before the courts, so far as possible, through the services of a lawyer, what it sounds like.

in conclusion, the pre-trial detention as much as possible, each bracelet is applied, and the secretary of the board of procurators-general, asked for the execution of the punishment is to be set up after the financial crisis. “That doesn’t mean that the prisoners of their sentence, will not get it” ensures that his or her private office.

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