Theatergoers know that the star of the Saga “the Lord of the rings” and “X-Men” Ian McKellen is not casual has received a Tony, and six awards Laurence Olivier. He is a real master of the Shakespearean repertoire. From 1960-1970 McKellen played almost all pieces important English playwright. And now, in his 81st year, again preparing for the role of hamlet.

the Era of Shakespeare’s tragedy has always been the subject of numerous disputes. However, no one questioned how hamlet years. Why not 81? Anyway, sir Ian McKellen will play this role in the future theatrical season. Rehearsals began last Monday, although the probability of release of the performance depends on the situation with the coronavirus in Britain.

it’s No secret that the performing arts most affected by the pandemic. Theatres around the world are planning to light the lights above the stage without serious financial support. Although the government allowed them to open July 4, it is more about administrative work. However, the show must go on.

the New “hamlet” means that the 81-year-old McKellen returns to the role it played 50 years ago. The production involved the Director Sean Mathias. They Mackellen many times worked together and were partners in life for over 10 years in the 1980s.

of Course, rehearsals are in compliance with the strict measure of physical distancing, hygiene and disinfection. “We walk a tightrope through the forest, waiting for news when you really will be able to speak in front of a live audience. But it’s incredibly invigorating to get out of the house, to sit in the rehearsal room and again become part of the British theatre,” says Mathias.

hamlet traditionally known as the most coveted role for young actors. Scientists discussed whether the character is 30 years as stated in one place of the play, or is he much younger, as suggested by its characteristics. At the same time as King Lear, which McKellen played three times, rather attractive for older actors.

Ahead of the dissatisfied comments of the fans of unspoiled classics explained – British theatre follows the global trend of gender-blind casting. On the Broadway stage was already released King Lear in the performance of the actress and politician Glenda’s Johnson, and the hamlet – in the female equivalent of Maxine Peak. So the age Mackellen does not bother anyone. Twitter users joke that Ophelia needs to be contrasting a young actress, and preferably black. But the producers don’t divulge the full cast.

Another point – how safe is it to rehearse 80-year-old artist. In England still remains a complex epidemiological situation – almost 44 thousand officially recognized deaths and more than 100 dead in recent days. However, the producers of the show sures that will be able to prevent any threat at rehearsals. After hamlet McKellen will play an elderly servant firs in the new Windsor production of “the Cherry orchard” by Anton Chekhov.

By the way, McKellen is not only famous for acting but also for his active civil position. The day before the fateful verdict on the case, “the Seventh Studio” Ian published a post on Twitter, where he briefed on the situation and also attached a photo of the letter addressed to Kirill Serebrennikov.

“Kirill Serebrennikov – star Director of the Russian theatre and cinema, – wrote McKellen. His “Gogol-center” is the pride of Moscow, here actors, artists and audiences have the freedom of expression contrary to the authoritarian state. In court today on charges of misuse of budget funds pieces of silver and two of his colleagues were found guilty. His fans in Russia and abroad hope that soon Cyril will return to his indispensable “Gogol-center”, where it should be.”