BEIRUT, 2 may – RIA Novosti. The government of Lebanon with all the desire of the population can not take the country out of the financial and economic crisis “overnight”, there is concern that some parties will try to provoke the situation on the streets in the hope to hinder the work of the government, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun.

“I understand that people want quick and visible changes. But the elimination of the consequences of the last 30 years can’t happen overnight. I had called them (politicians) to be attentive to the developments now call for the same. We can’t expect government, the term (power) which have not exceeded the 100 days to create a miracle. Fear that some parties will take advantage of the outside to affect the real performance of the government, to stimulate the demonstrations,” said Aung.

the President expressed the hope that the understanding of responsible persons and political parties in the country, the population’s patience towards them burst on the background of corruption, loss of jobs and theft of public funds over many years.

“In any case, we will not allow the loosening of the security, while preserving the right to peaceful demonstrations and expressions of personal positions,” – said the President, answering a question on actions of the authorities in connection with a new wave of protests in the country.

the Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab said Friday that the government has adopted a strategy to extricate the country from economic and financial crisis, noting that the new plan is based on actions. The President of Lebanon congratulated the Lebanese people with a new governmental plan, which, according to him, the Lebanese will return to normal.

Unrest continues in Lebanon since 17 October last year. Then hundreds of thousands of people across the country staged anti-government demonstrations with the requirement to conduct efficient economic reforms, to prosecute politicians involved in corruption and return stolen from the state budget funds. In November, against the backdrop of unrest, he resigned the government of Saad Hariri. In late January, the President approved a Cabinet of Ministers headed Debom.