a Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan said that the city of Wuhan, where it was first identified case of infection with mers in the beginning of the outbreak had omitted key information about the prevalence of COVID-19.

CNN recalled that Nanshan, who arrived in Wuhan on 18 January, two days later publicly confirmed that coronavirus is transmitted from person to person. Meanwhile, the city authorities stated that the outbreak was “preventable and controllable.”

“the Local authorities didn’t want to tell the truth. In the beginning they were silent, and then I said, we probably infected more people,” – said Zhong Nanshan on U.S. television channel.

the expert was suspicious when for 10 days the official number of cases (at that time 41 people) did not change. Epidemiologist continued to be interested, only if the authorities of Wuhan provided the real data. By 20 January in the city were infected 198 people, including 13 health workers.

the Nanshan denies the accusations of the authorities of China to the unreliability of official statistics, which did the President of the United States Donald trump. Beijing has demanded that all city and agencies to report the true number of cases, he added, therefore, from January 23 all data on infected must be true.