As the Minister said, “we did not approve of the recent statement of Prime Minister of the national consensus Government Faiza Zarraga, who refused to talk with the field Marshal the Haftarah, and we do not endorse the statement that field Marshal Haftarot will personally decide how to live the Libyan people.”

According to Lavrov, the situation in Libya demonstrates the urgent need for the immediate appointment of a permanent special representative of the UN Secretary-General on Libya. “The position of the special representative of the UN Secretary General on the Libyan resolution had been vacant for more than one month, – said the Minister. – Hasan Salam, who put a lot of effort in fulfilling its mandate, but, unfortunately, these efforts were not crowned with success, resigned and already almost two months the post remained vacant. I believe that the UN Secretary-General Mr. Gutteres absolutely necessary in the near future to appoint a new special representative.”

Lavrov Also noted that “according to the General belief, it must be representative of the African region… And these candidates are, we know them well, they are experienced people who have authority”.

While “the Libyans themselves must find for them a generally acceptable approaches to building dialogue first, and then the arrangement of your new state”, said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

in addition, Lavrov said that Russia does not have any special leverage to the Marshal of the Haftarot. “I would not talk here about some of the leverage that Russia has, – he stressed. – We have contacts with all actors in the Libyan conflict: it is the General, Marshal of the Haftarot and the Chairman of the presidential Council Sarraj and the head of the Parliament in Tobruk Aguila Saleh and other leaders, including the leadership of the state Council, there are a lot of structures were created in accordance with the agreement concluded in Skhirat in December 2015”.

Shirinskii agreement signed in 2015 in Morocco, helped to create in Libya, the national consensus Government (NTC). However, on 27 April 2020 Marshall Haftar said that out of political agreements on the basis of which was created by the NTC.