The practice of unilateral sanctions inhumane and unacceptable during human disasters. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in an article for the Chinese edition of "global times".

"What if not a politicization of humanitarian issues and not a desire to take advantage of the pandemic to punish uncooperative governments, may explain the reluctance of some Western countries, many argue about the need to respect human rights, to renounce the use of unilateral economic restrictions against the States of the developing world, at least until the normalization of the global epidemiological situation?" asks Lavrov.

"Russia strongly and consistently opposed such inhumane practices, which is totally unacceptable during human disasters", – said the head of the foreign Ministry.

Such sanctions, the Minister continued, reduce the ability of ordinary citizens to exercise their social and economic rights, seriously complicating efforts to protect the health of the population, hitting the most vulnerable, unprotected.