‘WE CANNOT let THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF’ – ‘the cure must not be worse than the problem’ – wrote Donald Trump Monday on Twitter with capital letters.

It can be shown the call to be very early out.

Not only because the president’s tweet sped out at. 4.50, where most americans probably had embarked on the week, but especially because he hadn’t prescribed any cure yet.

the First of the week, began the american society for gravity to take some of the precautions that after a few weeks starts to feel like routine in Denmark: ‘Stand together separately’ and the launch of the big stimulus packages for astronomical sums.

But the blind hen can also find a grain.

whether you like the man or not – and I’m not a big fan – is the statement relevant. It comes with a price also in terms of health – to close a society down.

For ourselves, our children and grandchildren. There are certainly children who do not get the necessary academic stimulation, as a combination of innovative school teachers and resourceful, home-working parents are able to provide the many.

They are pushed further out on the fringes of society. There are certainly adults with evil in the economy, which calmed down the pain with liquor and drugs. Families, on the account come in mistrivsel.

the Country’s shelters are reporting is already fully sold out.

There is certainly ill, that in spite of a hard-working health care will be provided and comes too late in the treatment, when the general practice closes the waiting room, and should be given priority. Maybe a prostate cancer is detected too late, or a højspecialiseret treatment abroad, which must be cancelled.

And then there’s the price, which right now can feel abstract, but which at one point must be settled entirely in cash. We end up in the actual economic recession, it will weaken our economic standing.

We will simply have less to health, education, climate action and development assistance, than we otherwise would have had.

Why is politics so difficult.

An extremely serious problem right now, but plenty of others just below the surface – and possibly even bigger in the horizon.

Who takes the responsibility to find the balance between the cure, the side effects and cost? I report me like in heppekoret behind a prime minister, who has acted in cash, and quickly, since the crisis, the full extent finally went up for the Danish health authorities.

A prime minister who would rather do too much too early than too little too late. Wise of her – and naturally for all of us to demand a strong leader in times of crisis.

The accepted political parties also, and they all have loyally backed up on the next step, when the card has previously been informed that it would be taken.

But keeps the division of labour, when we enter the next phase, where the society slowly need to be loosened up again?

I am unsure of, so facing the dynamics.

To tighten up, when everyone is scared, is a thing. All the hills up – the dry nor another. To take the responsibility to find the right response on Trumps statements and loosen up, although the risk of covid-19 is not gone (completely) away, require broader shoulders than them, sitting on one person.

Or to put it extremely and completely without nuance: To do everything possible to save a dane is it, heroes-the fabric is made of. Risking a human life in order to save Denmark requires in addition a determination shown by and pragmatism, you can’t require that a man must stand alone with.

But at a time there, taking a calculated risk that Denmark does not remain closed, until a vaccine is invented.

Otherwise, the price is simply too high.

How big should it be? On what terms do we dare to run it? Who will in our privileged world put a price on saving a human being from covid-19 and hold it up against what else we can lose.

It is not an enviable responsibility to stand with.

But right now it’s it, politics is all about. Unfortunately.

Maybe we should learn from our rigsfæller in the Faroe islands on Wednesday had tested, what would be the equivalent of 300,000 in Denmark – 20 times more than in Denmark! – to turn the strategy from the ‘together separately’ to ‘more together and less each for himself’ …

I shall refrain from wise me on it.

But I think that all political parties must have access to the negotiating table, where everyone with an equal insight into the decision-making process to agree on an exit strategy.

And as a citizen of Denmark, I will well appreciate that such a board was set up. Sooner rather than too late.

For a rare once, I agree with Donald Trump: the Cure must not be worse than the problem!

Lars Løkke Rasmussen

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, member of parliament for the Left and former prime minister