Lager in one hand

His vision of the beach season shared by the Association of Italian holidaymakers. In particular, daily sanitization of all beaches, as well as guaranteeing the distance between vacationers not less than three meters. Passage to the sea called to consider so that those who go to swim, were away from the people lying on the beach under umbrellas. And to let to the beach will be exclusive to citizens, with a statement certifying that its holder is not infected with the coronavirus. The sun loungers can be rented only one person per day. And if by chance the customer will leave the beach early, no one else can touch his chaise, until then, until it is sanitized.

the Catch is that the leisure offer to pre-register online to book “a place under the sun”. But since the main regulars of the Italian beaches are a very old people, many of which the Internet is strictly not in use, it is easy to assume that the confusion and passions under the scorching sun to avoid is unlikely. Unnecessary excitement and confusion can create and what entrance and exit to the resort area will have to be on different sides. Relax on the beach can be a real nightmare for families with children of Italian mothers and fathers will be obliged to constantly monitor their children, setting them on the “game of low intensity” and not allowing them to interact with other kids. And even in the bar to relax not work – it will serve only 4 customers, so the line is, unfortunately, inevitable.

In France the majority of citizens will remain within the “hexagon”, as it is often called the country. Local tour operators did praise French beauty and attractions, and even launched a special Internet platform under the slogan: “This summer I am traveling to France”. One of the major hotel chains have developed a set of rules, a kind of “quality Mark”, which shows anti-infective measures and tools that will be used this summer. Masks, gels for staff, regular in-depth cleaning with antiseptics rooms, hotel lobbies, elevators and other facilities. With special attention to the buffets and restaurants.

as for the beaches, and they are administered by local authorities, some of them plan to install the control forces of the police and gendarmerie. One of the norms, as it became known, will be to maintain a safe distance between sunbathing under the scorching sun: at least two to three meters.

In Greece are not going to abandon the tourist season. The biggest cause for concern of the island where there is lack of medical institutions to monitor Sanita��Noah situation. According to the forecasts, accommodation of tourists on the Islands will start in mid-summer, while hotels in major mainland cities will be opened in June. There is information that every tourist to enter Greece must have a “health passport”, the parameters of which are still unknown, as well as confirmation of passing the test for the coronavirus.

While in the tourism sector of Greece there is uncertainty, the authorities continue with the planned preparations for the holiday season. One thing is clear: the main rules of the upcoming summer will be the preservation of the race, washing hands and avoiding bodily contact.