In a four-minute video, posted on the page of the Secretariat in Twitter, explains how the Brazilian government under the leadership of Jairo Bolsonaro fighting for their survival and conservation of the work and dignity of Brazilians, despite pressure from the Brazilian and international media.

“Some of the media stubbornly ignore the facts on the Brazil and the Brazilians. But the government, by decision of its head will continue to work to save lives, maintain employment and dignity of Brazilians,” – said in comments to the video. – “Labor, unity and truth will free Brazil”.

the similarity of the last phrase with the words “Work makes you free” on the gates of a number of German concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau, drew the attention of the journalists of the Brazilian news portal UOL. The official request to the Secretariat, they received the answer of its head Fabio Weingarten on Twitter:

“It’s amazing, every step of the government is refracted so that it fit the overall narrative. During the (election – Approx. “RG”) campaign that was fake swastika. Now they use the ignorance of the staff to misinterpret the text and accuse the government of being a Nazi, while I, the head of the Secretariat of public relations, a Jew!”

Brazil is among the world leaders in the spread of coronavirus infection and the six countries on mortality from the disease. According to the Ministry of health of Brazil on 10 may, the country registered more than 162 thousand cases of infection COVID-19. The number of victims has exceeded 11 thousand people.

researchers at the University of são Paulo on the eve has published the results of their mathematical modeling, according to which the number of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil is expected to double in the next 20 days. They also believe that the total number of infected in the country will exceed 400 thousand in early June.