Andrey Konchalovsky in the days of quarantine coronavirus was the most effective filmmaker and Manager. He tried to capture what is happening, calling on the sponsors of those who are ready to take on the phone – Marya Ivanovna, Petya, Kolya Cord… And it turned out the film-bouquet “Man is resilient”.

People from all over the world responded to his appeal, and began to send video. As soon as the process was, Konchalovsky expanded tasks. Initially, he sent short films shot within the room, and then he asked me to connect those who are still leaves the apartment and sees the life of their towns and villages.

Recently, the documentary asked, does at least some of them, the country in conditions of a pandemic, because it is a priceless document of the time, especially for posterity. It turned out that the coronavirus, on the one hand, was the catalyst for the interest in documentary films, and other production costs. What can documentary filmmakers? To remove the view from the window, the existence of the family and a private room. Together, they hope that someone still takes the chronicle of coronavirus, and cited the example of Konchalovsky’s trying to fix a new reality.

he, meanwhile, continues work on the painting of the quarantine, and another film made the same way for popular participation, is now ready.

Here is what Andrei Konchalovsky about his work.

I just mounted the film “Man is resilient”. Requested to send news about themselves and people from different areas sent in their impressions of life.

the Film is about how they live in quite difficult, to put it mildly, conditions. When you think about them, see how they handle all this, understand the phrase of Churchill, who visited Moscow in 1944, and saw children who ate ice cream on the street. He said: “People who eat ice cream at minus forty, invincible.” This is the main feature of our culture and our nation’s incredible stamina and patience.

I decided to analyze the Russian mind, Russian culture, behavior of the Russian people in quarantine and isolation. Such a strange self-isolation, when you come out, and you immediately get arrested. This is generally not self-isolation, to be honest.

We select Marya Ivanovna, Petya, Kolya Cord, or someone else, because they tell interesting stories, combine them in a bouquet. There are people who know how to make good bouquets. And someone are mixed in them God knows what. Art is selection. It is necessary to collect a bouquet of other people’s good thoughts and tie a bow or rope. What conclusion is this, I don’t know. Look! If interested – good. If you’re bored, so next time.

after Analyzing the current situation, Tonelovski concluded:

– the quarantine – the only visible part of the gigantic world crisis that is brewing. A huge problem stems from the fact that imperialism is the last stage of capitalism, as rightly said Vladimir Ilyich. And this last stage is to resist by any means in order not to disappear.

Purchase of three months products… I’m three months they purchased and I think I will purchase. Canned goods do not spoil. Better to throw away spoiled rice or buckwheat, than to seek what is not.

the Nearest meteorological forecasts say that there is a drought. Forty days in the center of Europe did not rain, then a chance of crop failure. Russia has already started savvy, has restricted the export of grain. It is not excluded that serious problems will arise with products in the world due to the fact that scattered chain. Europe is closed to migrant workers. Now migrants from North Africa, the ones that paid three and a half thousand or two thousand eight hundred euros to get from Morocco and Algeria to Spain, to pay six thousand euros to go back. And the Europeans have forgotten how to stoop to the garden beds. And bend may not be happening.