Klitschko went to Chernobyl and spoke about radiation

the Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko on Friday morning, April 17, went to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl to see you continue the fires and whether they threaten Kiev with increase in radiation background. About it writes “Strenia”.

Klitschko talked with local residents, expressing gratitude for work in extinguishing fires of rescuers and employees of the forest service. It also measured the radiation background, it was normal.

“Firefighters say that radiation contaminated the air. Experts are measured by the dosimeter, starting with Kiev to Chernobyl. After receiving information from experts, I can say that only in Kiev smoke and air pollution [occur] as a result of arson, smoke, and radiation is not” — said Klitschko in a video message on his page in Facebook.

He noted that now to extinguish fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone has attracted more than thousands of rescuers, as well as 150 cars and aircraft. “All the fires are connected with the strong wind from yesterday. Open cell is not. Need a few days to put it out,” — said the mayor.

Kyiv became the city with the most polluted in the world due to smog enveloped it. The immediate cause of the contamination were the forest fires near Chernobyl, which resumed from Kyiv region swept by sandstorms.

Earlier it was reported that rainy weather helped to stop the spread of fire, which rescuers have struggled for almost two weeks. The fire moved to the left Bank of the Pripyat river, up directly to the nuclear plant and storage of radioactive waste. A former village near the plant burned down, destroyed the Red forest. According to preliminary version, caused several fires.