first, the lawyer must settle his working time to the minute, as the Supreme civil judges in Karlsruhe decided in a published on Monday judgment. Secondly, you stated an agreement null and void, to the effect that the client at least three times the statutory compensation should be paid and also the amount in dispute is excessive was scheduled. In the case of Munich, a specialist lawyer for a workers had negotiated on the conclusion of a termination agreement. As a result, the man should get a compensation of 10 000 euros gross and a benevolent witness. However, the attorney retained the money directly, because he found his client just under 11 300 Euro. The difference should pay this for him. The man demanded his compensation, the dispute went through the instances.

as a result, the lawyer for his time, must make the effort of four hours and 28 minutes good 1500 Euro. The used clause for minimum wages discriminate against the client, is inappropriate, stated the Supreme court judges – especially as the Prosecutor had increased the relevant object of value to the settlement. Such an agreement serves “unilaterally, without any regard to the interests of the client, the optimization of the lawyer’s remuneration”.

it was also Provided that the agreed hourly rate of 290 EUR will be charged per commenced quarter of an hour. Also, the offending judges. So a clock, “which is also triggered by the most trivial activities of the lawyer and as often as required for the application can be brought”, is justified “under no circumstances”. For example, the only volatile due to the perspective of the E-Mail input tray “rich” to get back one-quarter of the hourly rate to be set. It must be billed according to the minutes.