the Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev apologized for his controversial statement about the existence during the Second world war, the “Jewish division of the SS”. The statement was made in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

Recall that sensational statement Karasev made in the heat of the pre-debate with the Director of the Institute of national remembrance Anton Grabovica on the channel “112 Ukraine”.

Now he said that it was a “bad clause”. Karasev said that said this is not the place, just to strengthen the argument that Nazi Germany fought the collaborators of different nationalities.

“the war was racial in nature, and the purpose of the Nazis was to destroy, in particular, and Ukrainians,” – said the analyst.

He also noted that in Ukraine now there is a tough ideological struggle, and he works under a lot of pressure. “Mm right mm left — you have accused that sold the Bandera or Russia,” explained Karasev.

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