The level of infection with the new coronavirus in Chechnya has reached its peak level. The head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov announced live on the social network Instagram, which was conducted by his assistant, the Director of the chgtrk "terrible" Ahmed Dudaev.

"I gave instructions to the operational staff and the government to find out what must be included in the second phase (of the easing of restrictions), on the days they provide. We think we are at the peak and expected decline. People need a little patience", – said Kadyrov, adding that through the observance of the regime of self-isolation, in Chechnya indicators of the coronavirus better than other regions.

He noted that the pandemic has affected virtually all spheres of activity of the region.

"the Economics of the cons, in the social sphere cons, a lot of objects that you want to open, although construction of a single facility were not suspended. Unemployment increased by more than 1%, this is a huge issue for us. Health, through births and deaths, we have a very good performance", – said Kadyrov.

In Chechnya was 1 152 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection, 698 persons recovered, 13 died. Since March the country has a regime of self-isolation, residents are not allowed to go outside unless necessary. May 16, Kadyrov signed a decree on the implementation of the first phase of the plan of liberalising the restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus infection – permission the retail trade of inedible goods in separate buildings, premises and structures of an area not exceeding 100 sq m, and opening of service stations, car washes and gas stations.