FOCUS Online : Mr. Boateng, you have to help for some time at the tables in Munich and Berlin. How was the Engagement?

Jérôme Boateng: My first contact with the Board was last year at the Christmas party in Munich. I was asked if I like to look in and the people eat would like to spend. It was just for Christmas great to give people something.

Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose of FOCUS Online, Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose

Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

We do not leave anyone alone. With the Song “Victoriam” supports the action of #corona care boards in Germany.

Now “Victoriam” to download

FOCUS Online Why is it so important to help people in Need – with your money otherwise, to make ends meet?

Boateng: There is also in Germany a lot of people who fall for various reasons in an emergency. In my opinion we have in a functioning society all have a certain duty to help the people who do not have it caught as well.

FOCUS Online is a special role model as a footballer, to help people?

Boateng: When I look at what’s currently the volunteers, volunteers, nurses, Doctors, supermarket employee in Germany, then I think that there are these role models in all areas of life. But as I said, I would of course like to help you personally. But that has less to do with the fact that I am a footballer, but with humanity. Everyone has to decide for themselves. FOCUS Online Volunteers at the Munich panel in use.

FOCUS Online : Approximately 20,000 people are in need of in Munich on the panel – including many children. This goes to the heart?

Boateng: In any case, as a father of three children comes to me naturally. Children should be able to enjoy your life, play and have fun and not be so existential things to Worry about, whether or not in the evening food is on the table.

FOCUS Online : Paul Breitner has been working for many years at the Munich panel. How is your relationship? You are already an established Team?

Boateng: We know us from various occasions at FC Bayern. At the Christmas party in December, we have harmony.

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FOCUS Online : To with were Christmas at the food Bank and helped. How impressive was it for you, the radiant to see the eyes?

Boateng: Very nice. I have the evening to a very positive memory for me, it was a whole new experience and I think also for the guests of the panel, it was a beautiful evening, this is the most Important.

FOCUS Online In times of Corona and lose people their Jobs or have to go into short-time work. You think that in the future more and more people are on the Board dependent?

Boateng: I hope that this is so, and that everything is normalized again soon. But no one knows, of course. The impact can not be estimated. The importance of institutions such as the panels, is presented to us today again in front of eyes. It is even more important for me to support the panels. FOCUS Online Jérôme Boateng makes a round of Pizza for the volunteers at the table jump.

FOCUS Online : Last week they donated a round of Pizza for the many volunteer panel-aides in Munich. How was your Surprise?

Boateng: Unfortunately, I could not look over personally, also to increase the risk of infection. I hope all liked it, and it should, once again, Thank you for the great work of the volunteers at the food Bank. They make just incredible work, like many others in Professions that don’t get otherwise, perhaps this appreciation that you deserve.

FOCUS Online : you Will continue your work as a Board helper, even after your professional career?

Boateng: I can imagine after the previous experience definitely good.

20,000 people in Munich live from the panel – Bayern-Basketballer pack with of FOCUS Online 20,000 people in Munich live from the panel – Bayern-Basketballer pack with there,