Jennifer Lawrence made a strong appearance on the red carpet in NYC’s Don’t Look Up premiere. Below, you can see the stunning gown that Jennifer Lawrence wore while pregnant.

This is Jennifer Lawrence back on the red carpet.

The Oscar winner took some time off from Hollywood to attend the premier of . The actress, who is pregnant with Cooke Maroney’s first child, looked stunning in a Christian Dior gold gown on Sunday, Dec. 5. She posed with Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although Lawrence, 31, has only made a few public appearances in recent times, Sunday’s event was her first major premiere since Dark Phoenix June 2019.

Lawrence spoke out about her decision to step away from the public eye. She told Vanity Fair that she felt people-pleasing the majority of her life. It made me feel that nobody could be mad at my work: “Okay, I said yes. We’re doing this.” Nobody’s mad.’ Then I felt like my existence was not enough to satisfy people.

Lawrence was away from Hollywood when she married Maroney, an art gallery owner. The couple are about to begin a new chapter as parents. Don’t expect Lawrence to reveal too many details about her pregnancy .

“If somebody said to me, “Oh, my God, you’re having a baby,” I wouldn’t be like: “God, it’s not something I can talk about. You psycho, get away from me! Vanity Fair asked Lawrence for clarification. She explained to Vanity Fair that her body has an instinct to keep their privacy as long as possible. “I don’t want anyone to feel unwelcome in their lives.” It all starts with me not including them in my work.

Lawrence shared a sweet quote about Maroney and her marriage, though she wouldn’t reveal too much about her private life. She told the outlet that she really enjoyed going to the grocery shop with him. It fills me with joy, even though I don’t understand why. It’s almost like a metaphor for marriage, I believe. “Okay, now we have this list. These are the items we need. Let’s get it done together.

Don’t Look Up will be available in select theaters starting Dec. 10, and then on Netflix beginning Dec. 24, with its debut on Netflix.

Check out the Red Carpet Photos from the Film’s Star-Studded NYC Premiere below!