“I go all the time and is nervous, that there must be something.”

After he become a father, has actor Jakob Fauerby discovered a new happiness, but the accompanying anxiety is come behind him. the

What has it given you to be a father?

“It definitely has given me a feeling of happiness, as I did not know before. And so at the same time introduced a whole new anxiety in my life, for I am simply so afraid of, that there must be her something. It is a big responsibility, as you have!”

Your husband Anders, you and your common friend Rebecca has chosen to have a child together – why just you three?

“I could not imagine that I should have children together with others. Rebecca is my best friend, and from we met the first time, we have been venskabsforelskede. It did the click the day. We had so much fun together and was hugely fast confidential. We have it all three, that there are people in our lives as we choose – and we have done it with each other. We keep christmas together, celebrating birthdays and all that, which is usually something very familieagtigt.”

How has it worked out to be three parents?

“It works flawlessly – but now we’ve also got a præmiebarn, haha. It says all of the parents enough, but her here is – well, totally, completely objectively – a great child. She is strong, healthy and sleeps well. She is kind and smiles a lot. But in addition to it we are the three sets of hands always, and it just makes it all easier when you have a small child.”

“The only small challenge we had is that we primarily are with Rebecca. Everyday life works just like with her, and I can feel that I occasionally have the desire to be at home. But it is just right now, and when we are together, it feels absolutely right – no doubt! So we have not really had some challenges to be three parents, but it will get there. Haha.”

What is the come behind you about to be a father?

“Fear, I think. Well, I can be driven completely out of it when I think, that it looks as if she is not breathing. I go all the time and is nervous, that there must be something. But actually, I think that we have fallen well into parenting, and it all seems very natural. And there is a fear, whether one is sufficient, the little skepticism is probably very healthy to have.”

How would you combine life as a father life as an actor on the stage?

“The good thing about my career is that even though I have periods where I’m busy, so I have periods where I’m not so busy. And then we have the actors, the often atypical working hours, so when I for example play on the evening, I have time on the day. Can it be me, which can deliver and retrieve and be with her in the afternoon. When I go to work in the evening, there are two other parents at home.”