Though both actors offers a splendid repertoire, both Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger very memorable in the film ‘Brokeback Mountain.’

It is about a love affair between the two men, as they choose to keep hidden, and the theme is something that the now deceased Ledger took seriously, reveals Gyllenhaal.

He has made a large interview with the magazine, Another Man, where he reveals the principles by which his incurred colleague had.

Here he remembers back, that in 2007 would make a joke about the erotic relationship as Ledgers and Gyllenhaals characters had to each other in the film.

“And Heath refused. I was more like, ‘arh, okay … ‘whatever’. How I’m always like ‘it’s just for fun.’ But Heath said ‘this is not a joke for me – I do not make any jokes about it.”

How to tell Abel about his colleague, who passed away barely a year later in January 2008. Jake Gyllenhaal tells that it was something he appreciated at the Ledger.

“That is what I loved about Heath. He joked never. If someone wanted to make a joke about the story or the like, then he was just like ‘no, it’s all about love. Quite simple.'”

the Film garnered multiple Oscars that year. Among other things, won Ang Lee for best director.

Heath Ledger was also nominated as best actor, and Jake Gyllenhaal for best actor in a supporting role.

Before his death, formed the Ledger in the several years couple with Michelle Williams, who also plays his wife in the film.

They had a daughter in 2005, before they went from each other in 2007.

Heath Ledger died of cardiac arrest and an autopsy showed that he had a whole range of substances in the blood.