Many fans have speculated for years that the song was inspired from her split with the actor.

Fans have speculated for years that Jake Gyllenhaal’s and Taylor Swift’s breakup inspired her hit song “All Too Well.” Now, the actor weighs in.

Swift, 32, has released the song on her 2012 album “Red” and months ago, she surprised fans with a 10-minute rerelease of the song which she also performed on ” Saturday Night Live”.

Fans were in a frenzy after the extended version of Gyllenhaal’s 2010 split with Grammy-winning singer, following three months of relationship. This is why he decided to remove comments from Instagram.

In an interview with Eski, Gyllenhaal discusses his thoughts on the song and whether he believes that the breakup of his exes inspired it. Swift, for her part has not said whether Gyllenhaal was the inspiration.

It has nothing to do me. He said that it was about her relationship to her fans.

He said, “It’s her expression.” Artists draw inspiration from their own experiences, which I don’t mind if anyone does.”

Gyllenhaal told the interviewer that Swift fans’ recent criticism has not been overwhelming. It led Dionne warwick’s comments on Twitter to become viral. In which she stated that she would “pay the price of postage” to have Swift return Swift’s red scarf, Dionne Warwick was also quoted.

The interviewer mentioned Gyllenhaal’s Instagram comments being removed amid media frenzy. He shared his views on cyberbullying.

He said, “At some point I believe it’s important that supporters get unruly. We feel a responsibility for them being civil and not allow cyberbullying in their name.”
“This begs for deeper philosophical questions. This conversation is not about one person, per se. It’s about a discussion that allows us all to consider how we can, or should, take responsibility for the things we do in the world and our contributions. How do we provoke a conversation? This is what we see in politics. He said that there is anger and division, which can be literally life-threatening in extreme cases.”

Gyllenhaal stated that he had not received threats, but was not implying this.

“My question is: Does this represent our future?” Are anger and division our future? Can we empower and empower others, while at the same time bringing empathy and civility to the main conversation? This is the conversation we should have.

“All Too Well” was also mentioned on Saturday’s fake news segment Weekend Update.
“Well guys, the lesson we all learned this Week is to never break up Taylor Swift or she’ll sing about you on national television for 10 minutes,” Colin Jost, co-anchor, joked to a raucous cheering.
Swift said, “At minimum, return the scarf.” He was referring to the lyrics of Swift’s song, in which Swift claimed Swift’s subject still possesses the red scarf she left at Swift’s sister’s house “because you remember innocence, and it smells just like me.”