Italian authorities have banned the entry of citizens of countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation. The list, which included a number of non-European States, it is surprising the lack of it leading to the number of cases of coronavirus USA, India and Russia. When can recover the number of tourists from Russia, Italy don’t know yet. With details from Rome — the correspondent of “Kommersant” Helen Pushkarskaya.Last week at Rome’s airport Fiumicino landed a special flight from Dhaka (these flights return to Italian citizens and those who have in the country of residence). After testing it was found that of 276 passengers more than 30 people infected with the coronavirus. All of them directly from the airport was sent to located in a suburb of the Roman branch of infectious hospital “Spallanzani”.The next day flown to Rome from Doha 112 of the citizens of Bangladesh who have discovered the coronavirus, health authorities have blocked right at the airport, after which they were sent back. And last Thursday at the Rome railway station “Termini” was discovered temperaturewise and much caslavsky a Bangladeshi citizen who arrived in the capital of Emilia-Romagna with two changes.As it turned out, he flew from Dhaka on 29 June and was required to observe quarantine, but did not, because, according to him, had to look for work. Authorities fear that so many of his countrymen. As stated by the newspaper Messagero Advisor health the Metropolitan region of Lazio, Alessio D’amato, in Rome and region can run 500-600 not identified carriers of infection. But without considering the index of the spread of coronavirus in Lazio has grown over the last week to 1.13 (previously it was less than 1), which is regarded as “moderately risky.”Alarmed by itself the situation of the Bangladeshi Diaspora, willingly participating in mass testing conducted by health services in places of its compact residence. However, such actions are very costly. According to Mr. Frond, to check only the above-mentioned flight from Dhaka it took to draw 40 doctors who worked five hours. In this regard, with the submission of the Ministry of health in the middle of the week it was decided to prohibit all direct and indirect flights from Bangladesh to Italy, and on Friday, the government announced a General list of countries with which Italy stops the air. It included Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic.”The inhabitants of these countries, as well as those who were in them in them in the last 14 days entry to Italian territory is prohibited,”— said the Minister of health Roberto Speranza. This decision he explained: “Pandemic in the world is still in an acute form, and therefore Italia, not being allowed to ignore the victims of recent months, chose the path of special care”.Those citizens and residents of Italy who return from these countries, are required to serve a 14-day quarantine.Answering the question “Kommersant” on the criteria on the basis of which was formed the black list, the head of the press service of the Ministry of health Cesare Bukikkio limited to the remark that “took into account the number of cases and the level of the health system are included in the list of countries”.Quarantine in the Apennines is mandatory for passengers from other European and non-European countries, which the EU recommended to its members from 1 July.It’s Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay.Recall that on June 3, Italy takes no compulsory quarantine only tourists from the EU countries and the UK.It is not surprising that the Italian resorts and the historic centers remain half empty. According to the Association of hoteliers, Federalberghi, compared to last year in June the number of tourists decreased by 80%. Worse than average feels Sardinia, where in connection with the cancellation of many flights and ferries has become even more difficult to reach, even of the Italian cities. In June, tourism in Sardinia has fallen by 95%, and in August in the best case is expected to fall by 60%. Vacationers where Italians send fantastic photographs of empty beaches and are complaining that many restaurants are closed.Photo: Guglielmo Mangiapane, ReutersПрактически empty and the centre of Rome. The correspondent of “Kommersant” counted only five people in front of the Trevi fountain, where once in the high season the Apple was nowhere to fall. But there are no traffic jams, easy to find Parking and finally do not have to stand in mile-long queues to enter St. Peter’s Basilica.There is another kind of potential carriers of the virus, which Italy could not say no. Talking about the refugees from Libya arriving here as on vessels of non-governmental organizations, after the lifting of the lockdown reactivated for rescue in the neutral waters of the Mediterranean, the boats of the Libyan smugglers. First crossing on standing on the roads two vessels chartered by the Italian authorities in order for the immigrants was serving his quarantine.Photo: ReutersТех who landed on their own, are placed in the coastal zone, mainly in Sicily. They are often in close proximity to the tourist centers, including the pearl of the Italian Baroque city of Noto. This causes discontent of workers of tourist business and apprehension of tourists. Especially in the places of their accommodation, there is no adequate protection, and refugees often flee from there.Last Friday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said about the expediency of extend upload July 31, a period of extraordinary epidemiological situation until 31 Dec.