FOCUS Online : How have you experienced the Riesenzoff including nudges between Désirée Nick and Claudia Obert live?

Eva Benetatou: , This dispute between Claudia and Désirée was the first time a shock. You couldn’t believe his ears that there was a holler. You could not believe how insulting each other was spoken – or actually, just Désirée has spoken, because Claudia was just attacked. And what has given Désirée then from that signal, Claudia “physically” something that I find very, very bad. This is not a human right.

FOCUS Online : Who carried the main responsibility for these scenes, is it so clear?

Eva Benetatou: definitely. For me, the main culprit Désirée Nick, because she has just tried from the beginning to shoot against Claudia. Claudia was doomed from the very beginning of your. First, there were the taunts between the two, the one could not assess correctly. Claudia also someone who skin for the fun of it spells out. But in the end it was serious. Sat.1 It crashes violently between Désirée Nick (left) and Claudia Obert in “celebrities under the palm trees”.

About Nick’s outburst: “don’t Think that it was just a game”

FOCUS Online Désirée Nick said after the launch of the “celebrities under the palms” about their appearance, they deliver there highest art of acting. Do you think this is also true for the scandal with Claudia?

Eva Benetatou: I don’t think it was just a game. Clearly, it is one of the last Cabaret artists are still left. They tried to make their Show. It succeeds, but the true face comes through anyway. It was during the broadcast of situations where I’ve privately met. She asked me about my private life, and always sweet and nice done. And in the end you have seen, then, as she has against me shot. Sat.1 Matthias Mangiapane upset.

Matthias Mangiapane: “A man with two faces”

FOCUS Online Not only about Desiree’s behavior, among other things, a “cunning Bitch” and talent-free called also the “evilness” of the other candidates, they have outraged shown …

Eva Benetatou: … Yes, Matthias is in many ways a man with two faces been. Of him, there were many left-wing actions. In addition to Désirée, he also has carved out of hard sayings, and was vicious. Clearly, everyone wants to win. But the Human is not allowed to remain on the track. And I think that Tobias is a very wrong Person.

About Tobias Wegener: “He’s just fake and sold on this Poor Boy Tour,”

FOCUS Online : Tobias Wegener’s has responded to the outside are particularly sensitive to the uproar in the house, and then at the end of episode 2 as tipping the scales, rather surprisingly for his Ex-girlfriend Janine Pink not voted, he fell apart in the Good. For this, he has transported you from the Show. She has disappointed in his decision?

Eva Benetatou: I know Tobias from “celebrity Big Brother”, where I participated with him and Janine. I knew at the time that Tobias wanted to with a partner out for its popularity – that comes far. He has because led to believe in a love story, he has not felt like that. He broke for Fame, a heart, and I believe that this is not a proper behavior. Sat.1 Tobias Wegener

FOCUS Online He has now rejected in the Show accusations of this direction. What makes it, in your judgment, be so sure?

Eva Benetatou: I knew from the beginning that there is so what is in the Bush. But I keep all for me, because I get along with Janine privately as well and I wasn’t even a hundred percent sure. I knew that first fix, when he had removed everything, actually. But I’ve heard everything: Tobias was clearly looking for a wife, has always sought to back the contact. I turned my back at the time, but because I’m in a relationship and have no interest in Tobi did. Then he separated shortly after “celebrity Big Brother” Janine, has previously taken but still the invitation to a joint holiday. He didn’t know, I think, from the outset, that it is. In the case of “celebrities under the palm trees” he makes an innocent lamb – with crocodile tears and the pity number. It is easy to fake and sold on this Poor Boy Tour.

FOCUS Online : That he let Janine has more to come, keep you only for tactics of Tobias?

Eva Benetatou: Yes, this is also something that has hurt me inside and to Explode brought. Tobias has chosen Janine just to look good – with the justification, ‘I owe it to her’. It’s not him. He has broken Janine, the heart that he can’t make this decision well. And the Whole thing went on at my expense, that’s why I’m kicked out. I have, of course, no understanding. I think that Tobias is easy to Fake.

topic: “celebrities under the palm trees” – Désirée Nick loses in a fight with Claudia Obert the-making – and-hand> physical

FOCUS Online

Eva Benatatou: Yeah, he’s handled it very relaxed with the whole Situation in the house, and has since carved out time to time, one or the other spell out. He has been very much to us young girls. To a certain degree, I think that’s okay. But sometimes he’s gone a step too far. He makes a big Gentleman – but for me it is an absolute No-Go, in his old age to young women from a rich family. Sat.1 Ronald Schill keeps the bickering in the house for “the big cinema”.

FOCUS Online : In comparison to “celebrity Big Brother” – which was the better or worse experience for you?

Eva Benetatou: To 100 percent of celebrities under the palm trees “” the better experience. “Celebrity Big Brother” is a time, I don’t want to think back. This dispute situation that I had there, for me it was insulting and pissed me off. The whole atmosphere in the group is not in harmony really. Also, I was in bad health. The just didn’t fit for me, the tents in the rain. This is not for me. In the case of “celebrities under the palms” I was very, very sad, as I had to go. I would have liked to stay and Claudia would be happy to support you still.

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