Ukraine continues proceedings on high-profile cases concerning ex-the President of Petro Poroshenko. On Wednesday, the Pechersky court of Kiev, contrary to expectations, has not taken a decision on whether to detain former head of state, accused of abuse of power. The court will revert to this issue on 8 July. Mr Poroshenko, who came to the court accompanied by hundreds of supporters, called the criminal cases against themselves tresham and said that the current authorities are pursuing him for his patriotism.”Swung — beat, do not delay”In Pechersky court Petro Poroshenko came from the office of the State Bureau of investigation, where he was called to testify in one case, a defendant in which he is. Investigators wanted the former head of state information about the appointment of Sergei Semochko Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service. Investigators believe that Mr. semachko, suspected of organizing corruption schemes in supplies of military equipment could be illegally adopted at a high position under the pressure of Petro Poroshenko as President.Read delegatoin Poroshenko from testimony refused and went to court, where the investigation of this case was a question of the measure of restraint for former head of state. This is the second such meeting. Before the first Prosecutor’s office demanded on the pre-trial investigation to arrest Mr. Poroshenko or take it with a Deposit of 10 million (26.5 million Euro). But the hearing on June 18, prosecutors asked to change the measure of restraint on the personal obligation of Petro Poroshenko to attend all sessions and not to leave the country. After that, the examination was adjourned until July 1.The resumption of the trial was accompanied by the real demonstrations of how near the courthouse, where there were several hundred supporters of the former President, and in the courtroom, where together with Petro Poroshenko, came several deputies from his party of “European solidarity”. The deputies demanded the removal of prosecutors, complained about the political overtones of the case against their leader and the desire of the current authorities could frame him for all their failures. MP Irina Gerashchenko at some point so hot that prosecutors called a mutt.Mr Poroshenko, before the meeting said that the case instituted against him because of his “Pro-Ukrainian position,” in his statement to the court called the accusations absolutely groundless and even quoted former attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka here, which is called excited against the former head of state of the Affairs of the “legal trash”.According to the ex-President, that no real blame for him no, he was very aware of��t and the current attorney General Irina Venediktova, but she is forced to carry out a political order. “The fifth column of the Russian Federation, which was hiding when I was President, now he is back and trying to get back at me. I want to turn to Mr. Zelensky, I want to appeal to Ms. Venediktova and to repeat: we are not afraid of you. Swung — beat, do not delay, do not be afraid. Should be put behind bars — so put”,— said Poroshenko.His lawyers tried to draw the attention of the court that the petition of the prosecutors issued with violation of the rules of work with documents of that sort (e.g., missing date of writing), and that before the meeting the attorney General urged Poroshenko to prove in court their innocence. Lawyer Ilya Novikov said that this statement goes against the dominant Ukrainian law, presumption of innocence, and sought to recuse the prosecutors. The court the petition was denied.In his closing during the meeting of the Wednesday speech, Mr. Poroshenko was traditionally emotional. He was told that the prosecution is trying to return the country during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, accused the current government in an attempt to increase his political capital at the expense of high-profile criminal cases, but then suddenly asked Vladimir Zelensky forget about the contradictions and work together for the good of the state.Photo: Ivan Kovalenko, Commercetel this statement the court made the decision to make a recess until 8 July.”Direct instructions from the office of the President”Petro Poroshenko is now involved in 24 criminal cases. This he told in an interview to journalist Yanina Sokolova, published on its YouTube channel on Tuesday. The ex-President said that previously cases had been more, but the General Prosecutor’s office closed three investigations into what Mr Poroshenko, according to his confession, found out from press releases by the attorney General’s office.A significant portion of cases excited against ex-the President on the statements made to the Prosecutor’s office of lawyer Andriy Portnov. The associate of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych, a short time, the former Deputy head of his administration, Mr. Portnow has left Ukraine after the revolution of 2014 and returned to Kiev after the defeat of Petro Poroshenko in the presidential elections last spring. Since then, according to his statements against the former President filed about a dozen cases. The media speculated that the attorney thus takes revenge of Petro Poroshenko, who allegedly felt guilty that the team of Viktor Yanukovych has lost control of the country. However Mr Poroshenko is confident that Andriy Portnov is not acting on their own initiative and accurately not out of revenge.”Well, what Portnow? What is revenge? This is an attempt of the office of the President or personally by Vladimir Zelensky to hide and divert attention behind the smokescreen, hiding behind Portnov. It is direct instructions from the office of the President,” he said in an interview with Ms. Sokolova.The staff of the office of the President that “b” asked for comment, refused to discuss these allegations on the part of Mr. Poroshenko even on condition of anonymity, citing the fact that the consequence of the case — criminal and not political and therefore is not included in the competence of the officials.Does not see political motivation in the cases against former head of state and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal. “In those cases that continue against politicians of the previous generations, I do not see the political order. They should be considered and should be the solution. Or these politicians are found guilty, or remove them from the charges,” he said in an interview to “BBC Ukraine”.But one of the predecessors of Mr. Szmagala in the Premiership — Arseniy Yatsenyuk, head of the Ukrainian government in 2014-2016, has no doubt that the prosecution of the former President initiated by the current authorities. “The only correct decision in the so-called business Poroshenko to revoke the suspect and close the case. Otherwise, this is a political case and other cases against the opposition, will lead to irreversible political consequences for those who started them. We’ve been through in the recent past”,— he wrote in Facebook. “He knocked down the rating. Now, shortly before the local elections (to be held October 25.— “B”), this is true. Without these criminal cases and the resulting scandals support of “European solidarity” would have been much higher,”— said the source “Kommersant”.He stressed that doubts that at least one of the prosecutions against Mr. Poroshenko will be completed and culminate in a sentence, as the authorities more profitable to leave the opponent on the loose and on the eve of each election or important vote in Parliament to raise another matter, undermining the authority of the ex-President among voters or parliamentarians.Affairs newprovides Petro Poroshenko has the status of a suspect only in one case — the same one relating to the appointment of the Deputy head of foreign intelligence, which in Wednesday the ex-President came to the Pechersk court. The investigation believes that in 2018 Poroshenko persuaded the head of service of Yegor Bozhok to the abuse of authority for the appointment of his Deputy Sergei Semochko — old business partner and good friend of the former President. Lord Bozhko and Poroshenko are on the case as probable partners, and, if the court finds them guilty of abuse of power, they will face from seven to 15 years in prison.Interestingly, on awarding him the status of a suspect in this case Poroshenko learned during a visit to the State Bureau of investigation (UIR), where he was summoned for questioning in the investigation of another case, conducted by the specialists of RRT. They discover, is not violated if the former head of state customs legislation when exported 43 paintings from his private collection.Investigators are looking for signs of treason in the recently published so-called films Derkach — the audio recordings of the talks Poroshenko and Joe Biden in their tenure as respectively President and Vice-President of the United States. The publication of these records independent MP Andriy Derkach gave prosecutors a reason to open a criminal case on the fact of possible effects of high-level American for Mr. Poroshenko. Of particular interest to the investigators a discussion with officials of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, the Board which included the son of Joe Biden hunter Biden. Two more criminal cases of high treason were investigated after the treatment of Andriy Portnov to the Prosecutor with a statement that Poroshenko had acted against the national interests of Ukraine when they signed the Minsk agreements and gave in November 2018 orders to the crews of the three ships of the Ukrainian fleet to enter the Azov sea controlled by Russia via the Kerch Strait.Are in operation and several economic cases relating to Petro Poroshenko, the most notable of which is the investigation of possible abuses in the sale of the former head of state shipyard “the Smithy on the Rybalsky”. The case was initiated on request of Mr. Portnov, who claims that the buyer — businessman Sergey Tigipko — a figurehead, with which Petro Poroshenko just signed the asset to one of his offshore companies in Cyprus, concealed from the tax of about $300 million a Similar case (and again according to Andrei Portnov) is being investigated in relation to the channel “Direct”. As in the case with the “Forge on Rybal’s’ke”, the applicant considers that the official channel owner, ex — Deputy Volodymyr Makeyenko is a figurehead with which Mr. Poroshenko also goes from taxes.In mid-June, Poroshenko was accused of inciting religious hatred. This case was filed after the Prosecutor’s office of the former mayor of Kharkiv, and former Deputy of the Parliament Mikhail Dobkin, which stated that the receipt of the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine has reinforced the schism between believers.For example, we know that the attorney General’s office has opened criminal proceedings on the appeal of a certain unnamed persons, accusing the ex-President in two scenesthe od of malicious hooliganism. However, no other information except that these offences allegedly took place in February 2019 in the Lviv and Zaporozhye regions, the protection of the ex-President does not have.In the case of three private attorney General cases, we are talking about investigations concerning possible abuses in the appointment of members of the High Council of justice, the approval of Volodymyr Groysman in 2016 for the post of Prime Minister and the pressure on judges of the District court of Kiev. These cases, as announced in the attorney General’s office, will be closed in connection with absence of structure of a crime.It should be noted that the majority of Ukrainians believe the prosecution of Petro Poroshenko fair and deserved. So, according to the survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS), 51% of the population thinks that prosecuting the former President is a punishment for his crimes. 30% believe that these cases were the result of the prosecution of Mr Poroshenko and the current government. 19% were unable to give a definite answer to this question. Matthew Shimanov, Kielce has changed in Ukraine since 2014 — 17 tables and graphicartist next