Fit and Healthy, stretching is not good for your body? The science becomes not a problem, but, according to Lieven Maesschalck, it may be a good idea to do your workout, your muscles are well stretched. “For sure, it is that you are more agile as a result.” The provides advice and some good exercise.

There are two ways to use active stretching: dynamic, ballistic form, which muscles to stretch, with spring movements, as well as the static form, with specific poses for longer is going to continue. Most of the athletes are doing such exercises, which are designed to allow the muscles to extend, before and/or after a work out, but it has been scientifically proven that this is also a good idea for you to achievement. Moreover, in a study of gymnasts, it appears that even static stretching after warming up in their sprongkracht and aanloopsnelheid is significantly reduced.

“Whether you’re for or against it, and stretching, which, however, are one hundred percent sure, isdat, it has a positive effect on your flexibility”, in perspective, Lieven Maesschalck. “And do you really need to get some things for you to be able to do it. A dancer will not be able to get a large spread out as they are not flexible enough as it is. Your body is only in balance when the ratio is agility, strength is right. Not enough flexibility can also result in a compensating motion, and that cause again stress. Indirectly, it can stretch and so did your injuries occur.”

Relax muscles

“Stretch is good for relaxing,” explained The forward. “If you have a long, static stretches to relax your muscles, and that it is for an athlete is important. If you have all the time in a repetitive motion, you may like to walk it is the case, it would be best to return for a moment to stretch. That way, your body will have a very different attitude, so that the tension in the muscles can be at rest.”

“What a stretch, however, fails to do so, will prevent you from muscle pain or you have in the day and they stiff you. Stretching exercises will make your recovery is not impossible. However, I would definitely recommend it for your flexibility to optimize it. All you have to do is open your borders to know, because if you’re too brutal to do it, and not warmed up, you can to stretch, even get injured. When I go to run it, do I have to, I always start with a combination of dynamic and static stretching. It just makes the run easier for me and I have a feeling that my movements smoother.”
Exercise 1:Dynamischestretching of the anterior chain

to Start in, I mean, place your foot next to your hand. Lift your pelvis and then to the front. Afterwards, you can rotate the arm on the same side face-up. You will find the “stretch” feeling in the front of your back thigh. To do this exercise, alternating eight times on the left and eight to the right.

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