Israel will tighten quarantine measures

TEL AVIV April 22 — RIA Novosti. the Government of Israel during a telephone conference approved a new list of restrictions on celebrating next week, the Day of independence and commemoration Day of the fallen, and on the first days of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, said a government the press service.

“independence Day from 17.00 Tuesday, April 28, to 20.00 Wednesday, 29 April, citizens will be able to leave their house to purchase medicines or other essential goods and to provide the necessary services in your community. In the absence of such services in the settlements it will be possible to travel to neighboring. The public transport will be stopped”, — stated in the message press service government.

independence Day is allowed to be celebrated only in their homes. Buy food that day and the night before is not permitted. People can leave for a short time to get some fresh air and exercise only in the vicinity of their homes.

in addition, the commemoration Day of fallen soldiers and terror victims, which is celebrated in Israel on the eve of independence Day (this year — from the evening of 27 on the evening of April 28), a ban on visiting cemeteries or commemorative memorials. Visiting the graves of the fallen is permitted from today until 16.00 on April 27.

In the first days of Ramadan, from Thursday 23 April to Sunday 3 may, in settlements with a predominantly Muslim population from 18.00 to 3.00 will be closed all stores and businesses except pharmacies. You can trade only with the home delivery.

this Cabinet were allowed to hold weddings in the open air with the participation of no more than 19 people and the strict observance of a two-meter distance between them and the audience. Also allowed out of the house for an interview for employment.