for a Long time, the Coronavirus of the authorities was ignored on the ground. Since the Coronavirus was spreading as the longest in Europe, were the Hotels, Bars and ski resorts in Ischgl still open. Only on the 14. March, the popular resort town was put under quarantine. For their actions, the people responsible will now have to sharp criticism plug.

In a documentation of the ORF expressed now also seasonal workers in the resort. They were and are affected by the Situation.

“I was still in the quarantine sick in my room, and Before had to leave suddenly”

“( … ) officially, we have been told that we are quite normal up to the 3. May work though as long corona cases were known”, reported a seasonal worker in an interview with the ORF.

before the end of the season for Ischgl short, it had to go suddenly, quickly. 13. March said the Federal government of Austria Ischgl and the Paznaun valley, to the risk area and imposed a quarantine. The seasonal workers had been asked to leave Ischgl as quickly as possible.

In a WhatsApp group, in which the temporary workers are coordinated, wrote and arranged a responsible person: “Immediate departure of the seasonal staff by the Board. Keys and clothing at the time of delivery to make. Take this seriously, as long as you get out of it yet.”

another seasonal workers complains to the ORF: “I have first on Friday, the 13. March, realize that it is our last day of work. I was still sick and in my room. And still, I had to leave suddenly, and until two o’clock in my room to leave,“ says another seasonal workers. The arrangement Where met with the employees to be completely unprepared for: “? Just on the road? How to I clean up my stuff within the hour?” Until four o’clock in the afternoon, the Checkpoint for the exit would have been open. Again and again, it would have been: “you must leave, quickly, quickly, quickly.”

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“As it has been burned, have stopped,”

Some of the Hotel or the cable car staff were even on the evening of 13. March, by their employers, via SMS have been asked to leave Ischgl immediately. Without knowing where that had been hunted in the night. 2700 of the 3000 temporary employees could leave Ischgl. 300 should stay in the quarantine place.

The seasonal workers, the sick forced to departure, keeps this approach is unacceptable: “that was not in order. At least the actions of how the have all pushed from one day to the next, until the last second. As it has already burned, have stopped.“

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