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It was amazing. We enter the sixth week of isolation, and has been inside in over five weeks. This means a lot, ” says Elin Stordal.

She was among the first who were infected in the Gudbrandsdalskommunen Seals that have been hard hit by the covid-19-the virus. In the middle of the month of march, 1,000 of the municipality’s 5700 residents in isolation. Now there are only a few left.

ISOLATED: – March is completely gone for us. This year has just eleven months, ” says Elin Stordal.

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the Family of four has been sick after the trip and has therefore been isolated for many weeks. This weekend took creative friends sangstemmen grips and held a concert wearing the full costume.

– This means extra much because we had a recurrence. We had expected to drop out again now, but this was not, says Stordal.

She says the family has come to know the importance of taking care of both the physical and mental health the past few weeks and the shelves of the friends in order to get on overraskelsesbesøk.

the FULL COSTUME: According to Stordal tend his friends to beat on the big drum when the opportunity for utkledning presents itself. Påskebesøket was no exception.

Photo: Elin Stordal / private Psyches are affected

A recent study from The Lancet shows that to sit long in the quarantine affects the physical and mental health.

Mental Health has previously told that the organization has noticed an increased demand from norwegians who are seeking advice and help after korona-the pandemic broke out.

– Call a friend, SMS, or contact in any other way someone you know are struggling mentally. Use the social media. There are incredibly many good people who stick up for others, said Kristin Bergersen, head of communication in Mental Health to NRK in march.

Norwegians shows the care with flowers in koronatider What happens to us when we can’t hug each other? – Helps in the mood

After that both she, her husband and her daughter became ill, the family on the Morning tried to make the best out of everyday life. Now encourage Elin creative souls to take a trip out to pleasure those who are affected by the virus.

– It helps in your mood and is a real shot in the arm. I think a lot of them that are alone and hope the arts can delight those around him.

Stordal send a big thank you to the community who have both helped and entertained the family for the last few weeks.

– It is much worth to have such people. It is very important. In these times, one sees that there are a lot of good in people.

HUMØRSPREDERE: Friends gave the family Located a real shot in the arm after over five weeks in isolation.

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