While 2020 brought more than a few problems to the vast majority of countries. Analysts have compiled a list of nations that made the most generous donations during the hard times.

The rating, which is based on figures released by GoFundMe, reveals that Ireland was the highest fundraiser by donations per capita in 2020. Galway is reported as the most charitable region, followed by Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford.

Most of the donations were forwarded to the US, according to the crowd funding platform. Millions of dollars have reportedly been sent to the Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund since it gained exposure in Ireland in May, raising more than $6.5 million.

Though America’s Food Fund carried out the most successful fundraising campaign netting more than $44 million to feed the most vulnerable in the US during the pandemic, America was ranked only second in the rating of the most generous nations across the globe.

Britain, Canada and Australia made up the top five of the ranking with the rest of the top 10 filled by European countries, such as Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Denmark.

The list of the most generous cities surprisingly reveals Silver Spring, a suburb of Washington DC, as top in the US, while Londonderry in Northern Ireland was number one among British cities. Bundaberg was Australia’s most generous.

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