on the Eve of the new Prime Minister was sworn in. It happened five months after the parliamentary elections in the country. Almost all the time in the country and continued political uncertainty. The fact that the election was won by the party Sinn FEIN. However, its leader Mary Lou McDonald has not received adequate support from MPs to stand at the head of the government. Took three times and third place Fianna Foyle and Finn Gal took advantage of the situation and made an Alliance with the condition that their leaders will be replaced with each other on the post of Prime Minister. The right to stand at the helm of the first went to Martin. Varadkar, who was the head of government in 2017, I was happy to let him.

it is Worth noting that this unusual situation was made possible by the green Party, without its support, the Union would not have received the approval of the Parliament. In the end, the winner of the election – the party of Sinn FEIN was forced to go into opposition. However, it is slightly ahead of the other political forces, in February, she scored 24 percent of the vote, Fianna Foyle – 22 percent, and fine Gal – 21 percent.

the 59-year-old Michel Martin became leader of Fianna Foyle in 2011 and since then waited for their opportunity to lead the government. His coalition partner Leo Varadkar in 2017 became the youngest Prime Minister in the country’s history. His party is fin Gal has taken on elections the third place due to unpopular reforms, cuts in the health care system undertaken in the past years, and housing problems.

“the Political civil war in our country ended long ago, but the civil war in Parliament ended today. Two great parties are joining forces with the other great party, the green Party, to offer what we need: a stable government for a better country and a better world,” commented Varadkar their Union.