However, the most significant event of the “Invasion”-2020 was not on the Internet, and in St. Petersburg, at the drive-in “Movie-Lahta”, where festival fans can gather and listen to favorite music, observing a strict health standards and all the precautions… This open-air, which annually attracts 200 000 people and forced more and more to expand the festival Polyana, has long ceased to be just a place where you can hear a lot of good music – from rock to rapcore and even avant-garde. It has become a favorite place for fellowship and friendship of different people from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany.

Yes, in the Big Zavidovo, where each time plays over 100 of the most popular and original rock bands, has developed an exclusive optional program: sports and intellectual competitions, visits to theaters, traveling exhibitions, movie nights, contests of fashion designers.

But most importantly, for many “Invasion” is a favorite place of fellowship, friendship and meeting new people. When silent chords of the next festival day, clearing a Large Zavidovo not sleep: people walk in guests between the tents, meet, someone brings a guitar and also sings for his fire. Some viewers, by the way, for three days and not getting to the festival scene – it and without that well on “Invasion” like in a summer camp from childhood.

was found Only here in the whole country and foreign guests to listen to your favorite music, participate in contests, meet people, discuss Hobbies, friends… And sleep only when power on what remained: the Explorer, “RG” one day, so for the first time fell asleep early in the morning of the third day, right on glade. Woke up covered with someone’s blanket, even a backpack left next to me, untouched by anyone’s curious…

So the producers of “Invasion” of the pores COVID-19 was a very difficult task – to organize a festival so that he has not lost a friendly and positive spirit. You can spend it in the Studio “Our Radio” to the groups take turns playing online. Or fake: the producers of “Rock nad volgoy”-2020 decided to invite two of the headliners – “Bi-2” and “spleen”, to play on the banks of the great river, and broadcast the sets live, to somehow convey the living spirit of the festival, let alone decorations and music groups without spectators.

But in the end, the masters decided otherwise. To the coronavirus “Invasion” was planned for 24, 25 and 26 July. Now these days devoted nostalgia at screens from morning till evening the air broadcast festival sets of stars: “Aquarium”, “Bi-2”, “Surganova and Orchestra”, Chizh, “Mumiy Troll”, Nike Borzov, “Night snipers”, Garik Sukachev, “Picnic”.

of Course, the producers have wisely. On the one hand, it was nice to remember concerts 2012 – 2018, and the nostalgia and Ticker helped p��to odavate audience tickets for the next festival in 2021. But many people prefer to see these sets on the big screens at home, and hence do not complicate the epidemiological situation, remained in their apartments.

But it’s good that this “Invasion” was not limited. On the last day of the festival continued in fashion now the AutoFormat on the site of St. Petersburg drive-in “Movie-Lahta”, where on the big screen decided to show a documentary film about the “Invasion”. And many fans rushed to Saint Petersburg. Tickets were being sold on the website as fresh cakes, and those who were destined for the Big Zavidovo tickets, sinking in the “Movie Tools” got for free. According to a special program for those who isn’t going to take them.

they All eventually were able to listen to your favorite songs from the cars, sang and felt back to “Invasion” in the crowd (only car), and felt perfectly happy, as regularly reported in the social networks, collecting numerous likes.

In August it all changes again – the usual summer open-air begins to return. First this was announced by the organizers of “Jazz seasons” in the Moscow suburb of Gorki Leninskie, where this time will be the frontman of “the Moral code” Sergey Mazaev, considered still excellent saxophonist and clarinetist. Scheduled dates – 22 and 23 August, the place is a picturesque meadow in front of a modernist estate of early twentieth century industrialist Savva Morozov. This will take place open-air with the support of Ministry of culture of the Moscow region. But, as confirmed to us in the organizing Committee, respecting social distance and fewer spectators than usual.

Fans hope that even earlier – from 7 to 9 August and “Lechitel” in the Yaroslavl region, where until July 28, while a ban on holding mass events, but in the coming days the situation may change. New dates announced and Stereoleto – this popular festival to be held in Saint Petersburg on 5 and 6 September, and will be headlined by Zemfira. Among the other participants – “Kurara”, Noize MC, Husky, “red banner division behalf of my grandmother” and SPBC. But the guests from abroad to wait until you have: in many countries there is still a ban for its citizens to cross the border. But somehow, it seems that our very well will do it! Yes, technically Stereoleto will take place in autumn, in September.

But even so this year, when so much grief to the audience brought COVID-19, summer lasts longer!