the Tenant of a house in London, UK, said that the real estate agent secretly settled in a vacant room without the knowledge of residents and refused to leave. He said this in a publication on the website Reddit.

Several young people together rented a house. After some time without warning came a real estate agent to inspect housing. The tenants left the intruder one and thought that after the inspection, he will leave.

they Soon saw that in one of the empty rooms the lights. The door was locked and they wrote to the agent that he came back and turned it off, as they had no key. The man replied that is still in their house. Then he began to lie and said that he had notified tenants that will remain in the house for a few days, though none of them heard those words.

he said He plans to live here on a permanent basis, signed the contract, paid the Deposit and so on. House owners are our neighbors and they said it was a lie. They demanded that the agent went and handed them the keys. He did, but locked the door to the room. We suspect that he has another set of keys

the Author climbed the stairs outside and looked in the window of the room. It turned out that the things the agent is still there, stale croissants printed, clothing, alcohol and detergents. Also tenants are afraid that can be infected with novel coronavirus infection.

the author of the post said that the tenants called the police, but the problem did not dare, and so they turned for advice to the public on the Internet. The post went viral, got thousands of votes and were published in Twitter. It said more than 300 people, but no one offered an effective way of dealing with the intruder. Users have offered to sell the rights to the film or the book on this terrible history or to do based on this scenario, the TV show.

Earlier it was reported that in the American city of mount Juliet, Tennessee, the police found in the attic of one of houses illegally residing in there man. 18-year-old young man some time lived in the attic of his 14-year-old sweetheart in secret from her family, and at night went down to her room.

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