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despite the fact that the whole world is affected by koronakrisen, ” says Bjarne Aani Rysstad, communications manager for the non-life insurance in Mutual, that the norwegians should not cancel summer vacations to foreign countries.

Bjarne Aani Rysstad, communications manager for the non-life insurance in Gjensidige.

Photo: Mats Stordal / Mats Stordal

At least not yet.

We do not have any insurance that insures against fear or concern. It is not good to know what happens to summer. As of now, it is not issued any travel advice with the thought of the summer holidays. You can’t cancel a ticket in July, and get it covered on your insurance now. The time will show.

20.000 requirements

you Have already booked, normally covers reiseforsikringen your cancellation to the countries where the foreign ministry advise against travel. Basically does not cover the travel insurance for fear of infection, according to the Norwegian Consumer council.

Rysstad says one of these days experiencing “a violent rush” of people who want to cancel travel.

According to the Rysstad is it too early to talk about specific sums, but he thinks it will be to talk about record-high payouts as a result of koronakrisen.

We have in the course of a few weeks received over 20,000 claims on travel insurance. For comparison, we have in the course of an ordinary year approximately 70.000 cases.

Rysstad points out that several of the inquiries comes to traveling closely ahead in time, but also summer holidays. Reciprocal processes currently, the only cases of departure until 30. april.

Rysstad therefore customers to be patient, and use the company’s solutions, rather than to call.

What we are experiencing now is that there is a long processing time on those cases that cannot be handled automatically. Therefore we ask all as it is not critical for the here and now, financially or in other ways, wait for a bit.

Director Bjørn Guldvog encourage norwegians to travel utenlandsferie in the summer. In the picture a young man who enjoys the fine weather in Trondheim, norway.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix – like ice in the stomach

Many insurance companies have in the light of koronaepidemien opened to cover the cancellation to the countries most at risk.

Skadeforebygger Therese Nielsen in Fremtind, the insurance company for the SpareBank 1 and DNB, say you follow the advice of the ministry of Foreign affairs.

Fremtind have as of now no concrete date for when people need to cancel their summer vacations.

We encourage customers to wait as long as possible. It could be that you and your family get to go on vacation in the summer, even though it right now looks a little dark out. Have ice in the stomach, we should regardless help you, ” says Nielsen in a press release.

Nielsen points out that it is important that people are aware that the sudden can come in revised travel advice from the authorities, and therefore all about the follow through on the UDs website.

– opportunity to use Norway

Earlier in the week got of health Bjørn Guldvog questions about summer holiday abroad.

Helsedirektøren pointed out that it is still unclear how the situation will be in the summer, but underlined at the same time that many countries probably still will have karanteneregler, if not directly travel restrictions.

Director Bjørn Guldvog.

Photo: Lise Åserud / Lise Åserud

– One must think through that it becomes more difficult to travel than usual. Each one must make their own assessments, but there will surely be other rules that apply to international travel than usual, said Guldvog.

Helsedirektøren also encouraged several to consider a holiday in Norway in summer.

– It is long to the summer holidays, but I think people will get a summer, which means that you can relax. I think it is a nice opportunity to use the beautiful country of our.

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