The Corona-crisis can be for many people to personal crisis – even mentally. Because output restrictions and their consequences can impact people with mental illness massive.

Iris Hauth is a Board member of the German society for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatics and neurology (DGPPN). She advises Concerned in this Situation:

1. Right

do not inform without any messages it goes, just today. The flood of frightening news, and always new Numbers can increase the tension but still, warns Hauth.

your tip: messages not constantly, but for example only once a day.

2. The everyday

store in the Morning to get up, shower, put on the do not need to be in a home office, perhaps, but more useful. To do this, it makes sense to experience daily life rituals consciously positive: the joint dinner with the family, or the opportunity, in the rest of the wardrobe to tidy up.

to have one in the evening with the good feeling in bed, sense of busy is.

3. Space for Positive

Beautiful music or favorite movies can be a great help. Sport helps in the reduction of tension, in the ideal case, and, weather-permitting, perhaps even at the open window or on the balcony.

And a walk in the fresh air clears the mind.

4. Stay In touch

visits with friends are now just not possible, contact you can keep but anyway – via video chat or by phone.

So you taught each other: You’re not alone.

5. Not

displace The crisis is serious and affects all. This can’t be displace, and you should not do also. At the same time, you can try to strengthen positive feelings.

And if it all gets too much, you should not be afraid to get professional help – for example, for the telephone helpline or the regional crisis services.

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*The contribution “of insulation due to Corona: 5 tips to manage the crisis in the mental” will be released by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.