Almost 500 applications sent to the developers, inventors and entrepreneurs to participate in the competition for the award of the Mayor “Pioneer of Moscow”. The final was reached by the authors of the 30 projects.

According to her, among the projects selected for the finals, the system of monitoring the health of seriously ill patients, a drug for the treatment of hereditary diseases of the muscular tissue, the new biocomposite material for prosthetic joints, a new luminescent material for energy-efficient lighting, advanced solar battery to power portable devices, the service management on-Board systems of vehicles, transparent interactive displays, and a microrobot which can move inside pipelines and underground utilities, assessing their condition and detecting damaged areas.

the Winners will receive 500 thousand to 1.5 million rubles. The total size of the prize Fund — more than 17 million rubles.

the Awards come in three categories. Those who want to implement innovative ideas, participate in the “future Project”. For those who have created a startup and is ready to show the project on the market, provided the nomination “Changing reality”, but if the business is already successful, “Leaders of innovation”. In each category five areas: “Medicine and pharmaceuticals”, “Artificial intelligence and information technologies”, “Transport”, “Urban environment” and “Energy”.

the Selection of finalists took place in multiple phases. First, the experts analyzed the documents from a legal point of view — checked the applicants ‘ rights to intellectual property. Then was studied the scientific value of the projects and the presence in them of new solutions and after that experts have evaluated the prospects of development, their competitiveness and potential demand.

Metropolitan inventors have established a new award

the Award of “Pioneer of Moscow” was established in August 2019. The objectives of the competition is to stimulate the development and implementation of innovative ideas, creation of progressive technologies and support inventors. The award for the best innovation projects is awarded to citizens of Russia living or operating in Moscow.

Detailed information can be obtained on the awards website, at: +7 (800) 234-46-88 or by sending an e-mail to:

Moscow inventors are invited to participate in the award “Pioneer of Moscow”,”Pioneer of Moscow”: accepting applications from inventors extended until may 29